Friday, January 04, 2008

Fact: Those soulless, irresponsible queens at TMZ won't be happy until Britney Spears is dead

This whole Britney Spears mess is pretty pathetic, isn't it? Sad. Sad that her mental illness has been allowed to flourish and sadder still that executives at multinational conglomerates finance gossip operations that stuff SUVs with undocumented laborers, registered sex offenders and streetboytoy amateurs with cameras to careen through city streets chasing and harassing Spears and other unstable young women, in pursuit of a possible confrontation, crash or crotch shot, or at least an image through the windscreen -- or in this latest case, an ambulance window.

And nothing's sadder than the clueless kids and their amoral, immoral keepers at the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com and its whitewashed syndicated television spinoff, which detail Britney Spears' comings and goings with a deranged pervy glee, stating with authority that her problems are not drug-related but "mental"-- and yet continuing to torment and make fun of her.

TMZ's flip coverage of the pitiable Frances Farmerlike breakdown-- characterizing the ambulance ride as "Crazytown Express," describing her spied-upon reactions in medical and police custody as "shameless" and, most disturbingly, declaring proudly that their thuggish camera pointers managed to push through the other paps to flash cameras in the frightened face of Britney's two-year-old son Sean Preston as professionals took the baby to the hospital-- betray the heartless, soulless, cruel, cynical, hateful, envious, pathetic, wrongheaded, embarrassing nature of the operation even more than frontman Harvey Levin's (Tabloid Baby's 2007 Journalist of The Year) camp television appearances this morning, celebrating the incident as some sort of "scoop."

Read the following posts from the TMZ website, wonder why any station manager would allow the TMZ television show on his television station, realize that Harvey and his boys really won't be happy until Britney becomes their Anna Nicole (whose blood is on the hands of the botoxed rival Entertainment Tonight) and ask how its come to this:

Cops Called to Brit's House for "Custody Dispute"
Posted Jan 4th 2008 12:36AM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has confirmed that LAPD has been called to Britney Spears' house in Beverly Hills for what we're being told is a "family custody dispute."

More Cops, Ambulance Now at Spears' House!
Posted Jan 4th 2008 1:24AM by TMZ Staff

UPDATE: Another ambulance, more fire trucks and several additional police cars have just rolled up to Britney's house. One person on the ground described the situation to us as "scary."

Holy Kramer vs. Kramer!

TMZ is at Britney's house in Beverly Hills as several more police cars, fire trucks, an ambulance and a police chopper have now all descended on the popwreck's humble abode. Don't let 'em git me!!

Pandemonium Outside Brit's Madhouse
Posted Jan 4th 2008 7:55AM by TMZ Staff

"Chaotic" doesn't even begin to describe the clusterf**k that went on around Britney Spears' home tonight as the popwreck was taken away to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in an ambulance.

TMZ was there -- and man was it crazazy!!! Our cameras also caught Sean Preston being taken away in a black VW and a throng of paparazzi trying to get the money shot.

Britney Wheeled Out on a Gurney!!
Posted Jan 4th 2008 10:38AM by TMZ Staff

OMG THE DRAMA! TMZ is there as Britney Spears was just wheeled out of her home on a gurney by paramedics. Look at that shot of her inside the ambulance -- she's frickin' smiling! Why God, why?!?

Once in the ambulance, paramedics can be seen trying to strap her legs down before taking off.

We're told Britney is being taken to a local hospital on a "medical hold" -- essentially a mental evaluation. Cops found her earlier this evening at her home under the influence of an "unknown substance."

Cops were called to the popnightmare's home in Beverly Hills this evening, after she reportedly refused to return custody of her two kids to their father's bodyguard. Oh, the insanity of it all!

UPDATE: Britney has arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. We're told as she was brought out of the ambulance, she flipped off the waiting paparazzi. Oh my God. That Britney's shameless!

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I think the girl has bipolar disorder. She needs help, and if they don't back off she is going to be dead in a year.

db said...

omg. tabloid baby. YES! you nailed it. levin has a lot to answer for RE: his website and television program. i believe he and his office crew and his photographers are at least partially responsibility for causing Britney Spears' recent break with reality. i know he is not directly involved in her day-to-day business affairs or life, but an individual, celebrity or not, is only able to "take" so much of this INSANE level of personal invasion of space and privacy. levin is truly, truly a scary man. he actually seems to relish the mental illness and anguish of another person---it apparently, no, it obviously amuses him. being mean-spirited is one thing, but being souless is another. very, very frightening, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Tabloid Baby, what do you think? I remember the old days when Jackie O. got a restraining order against Ron Gallela.

I feel the paps are harrassing a number of people, including Britney Spears. But isn't she also getting paid by them? Changing outfits throughout the day, and things like that.

Fortune or Forbes estimated her monthly earnings at $700,000 per month. She had a couple successful albums, but it can't keep her rolling in dough to this extent.

It looks like she gets paid to let these people 'document' her life on a daily basis. Just my guess. She would leave L.A. if she truly hated it.

Anonymous said...

harvey levin sucks ass.