Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Carrie Ann Inaba is topless, but Leno was naked

Yeah, it's fine to cross the Writers Guild picket lines to do your late night show and in defiance of your union rules and responsibilities, sit in a room and write your own monologue. The country needs it so we can be told that the people running for President are silly. That was the consensus from Bill Maher and Jay Leno, when strike-criticising late night host showed up as guest on the strike-defying host's show last night. When Maher's anti-strike quips proved the perfect set-up for a protester to begin a chant from the audience, he was ready to hit back with some scripted heckler rejoinders-- but Leno shit a brick and threw hastily to a commercial.

The flash of fear and panic on Leno's face was priceless-- a high point that nullified Maher's later praise for writing his own monologues (in defiance of his union-- and who's writing the taped bits?) --and matched only by the segment featuring Bruno and Carrie Ann from ABC's "writerless" Dancing with the Stars and its current spinoff. While Maher carried on a panto with Bruno, the Leno scabs ran a clip explaining, after three seasons of Dancing, who the hell is Carrie Ann Inaba-- she was the pole dancer from one of Madonna's tours-- the topless one with the shaved head.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what show you watched but you got it all wrong. There was NO audience chant, merely some idiot yelling. Leno did not show fear nor did he break for commercial. Later, in the show when the second yahoo - a woman - started yelling, Leno broke to commercial. He again showed no fear but more than likely was doing so to minimize Maher's retort. As far as scabs, etc. everyone has a right to work. It's obvious that Leno has supported the writers in word and in deed. Whether the writers get their act together and come back, the work action is having a detrimental effect on many hard workers and their families. It does no one justice for you to misrepresent what happened. All it does is show your prejudice. Kudos to Jay Leno for taking care of his employees.

Anonymous said...

lenos writing during the strike.

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous #1 - get a fucking clue! And fuck Jay Leno and Bill Maher for being the whores they are. I've officially removed the latter from my Tivo season pass - take that!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Such witty repartee! I certainly hope that you two aren't professional writers. If you are, perhaps you could find something more suitable to your talents. Can we say "Paper or plastic?"

Let's face the fact that while unions are a necessary evil they have lost sight of the big picture. In this case, they aren't doing any good for anyone. It's almost comical that such vile is spewed during a strike and then when issues are finally settled, it's all lovely-dovey and business as usual. "We didn't really mean it and we love you, boss."

I don't disagree with the right to fair compensation for work done. I just strongly disagree with the tactics, the misrepresentation of facts and your poor grammar.

Maybe while you scour the dictionary to find the meaning of repartee, you can look up the meaning of capitalization, apostrophes, etc.

As far as the Tivo goes, I'm sure that it crushes them that you're gone. Based on your juvenile comments, I'm guessing that you need the Tivo because Mom won't let you stay up late enough to watch the shows.

Anonymous said...

leno = scab

stewart = scab

colbert = scab

maher = scab

kimmel = scab