Friday, August 03, 2007

New horror flick has Sopranos twist

Our pals at Frozen Pictures told us about Keith Walker, an Atlanta-based producer they worked with on the Michael Lohan nonfiction television project over the weekend. You'll be hearing alot more from Keith. His latest project is a film that should be heading to theatres soon: Lynch Mob, "a Mob movie with a horror twist." Or vice versa.

The movie stars Tony Darrow, who you'll remember as Larry Boy Barese from The Sopranos.

See the trailer above. Read more about Keith Walker (right, with Michael Lohan) here. Stay tuned here for more.


Anonymous said...

great job guys

davidsanremo said...

An excellent article and a truly gifted man. I quote Michael Irvin when I say "Rise up, stand up, but never give up!" Peace.