Thursday, June 01, 2006

McCartney Crack-Up: Hello? Goodbye!!!

Signs of Paul McCartney’s post-marital breakdown have bubbled back to the surface.

The hapless romantic and penny-pinching control freak returns with another (apostrophe-free) website message, trying in vain to take the wheel of the speeding media express he's ridden comfortably for close to fifty years and control the spin on coverage of his embarrassing separation and probable divorce from the lovely former nude model Heather Mills:

I continue to be dismayed by inaccuracies in the media. I have seen the story in Hello magazine regarding custody arrangements for Heathers and my daughter, Beatrice, which is simply not true. We both have agreed to work at all times in Beatrices best interest, but no decisions have been made yet.

This latest communique comes after a ten-day, hopefully ganja-filled, break following six rapid-fire demands to get the story straight. We guess it didn't work, because when even a check-writing celebrity ass-licker like Hello! magazine is screwing you over, you’ve got troubles indeed. But again, with a billion in the bank, why does he care? Maybe it's because he didn't make the cover.

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steven said...

i have to say reading paul's quote as a more or less neutral observer - you have not even remotely made your case. in fact - reading your headline/summary and then reading the quote - you are the one that comes across as hysterical. i'm not saying you're wrong mind you - but you either need to back up your case or back off your claim.