Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Carolla Mystery: Who is this woman?

Who is this woman? Is she alive... or dead?

That's the question people are asking the Tabloid Baby staff after we posted the above photo that appears on the new "Deaf Frat Guy" website, promoting and marketing a "character" featured on the Adam Carolla Radio Show, the grating broadcast that replaced Howard Stern in Los Angeles and other markets. The website is a ripoff of National Lampoon's Animal House and High School Yearbook parody from the Seventies.

The photo, which depicts a comatose or dead woman who has apparently been vomited and urinated upon, appears on a page marked "Buzz of the Week."

The photo caption reads: DFG NOTE: Moose tagged this chick at a family reunion and found out she was his cousin. 'Kin' I get me some of dat?

The site asks readers to send in additional witty captions for the photo. What's not known is the identiy of the woman, whether the picture was sent in by a fan of the Carolla show, whether she is dead or alive, or the reaction to the shocking photo from Teresa Strasser, the actress, TV host and Emmy-winning writer who joined the Carolla team as a newsreader and female foil around the time the site appeared.

If you have any information, Email us here.

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