Monday, June 12, 2006

Olivia finally responds to our McDermott scoop

More than three months after Tabloid Baby first reported that her presumed-dead “boyfriend” was seen alive in Mexico’s Baja peninsula, Olivia Newton-John has finally broken her silence on the news.

She's "thrilled."

But let's get back to my latest award...

The statement from the 57-year-old songbird came today as she accepted accolades for her appointment as an “Officer of the Order of Australia” in the Queen's Birthday honours list. Speaking on Australian television, Newton-John said she’d be “thrilled” if Patrick McDermott actually is in hiding.

McDermott, who was with Newton-John for nine years (whether on her payroll as a “beard” or as her actual lover has not been addressed), was thought to have drowned off the coast of California almost a year ago-- until evidence uncovered by Tabloid Baby, and recently supported by Aussie journo Nick Papps, suggested he faked his death and is in hiding in Mexico.

"It's obviously very distressing for everyone in the family. We just miss him and love him and we'd be thrilled if it's true," Newton-John said.

But her award was the main topic. "I'm sad that he wasn't here to enjoy this. He'd be very proud of this," she said of McDermott, whose disappearance she never reported.

She mentioned no plans to join the search in Mexico.


l.a. observed said...

The bloggers at Tabloid Baby are obsessed with the McDermott story.

Anonymous said...

Who knew that Melissa was psycho?
She talks to herself. Watch the OO convention video and you will see this.
Someone said she loves to talk to herself. Maybe Kevin just likes to play around but is not the talkative type.
I hear Kris is playing around with Kevin. What's wrong Kevin, Melissa is not satisfying you anymore?
Melissa needs to lose weight.