Sunday, May 21, 2006

McCartney Crack-Up: More Impotent Rage

Paul McCartney’s website is going strong with its impotent attacks on media coverage of his marital failure, with evidence of his public breakdown mounting by the day.

John Lennon said “Imagine.”

Paul says “Don’t believe”:

One of the worst aspects of what Heather and I are currently going through is the malicious spreading of rumours and made up facts that is happening in some areas of the media.

The best help people can be to us is to not believe these stories and ignore the painful articles that we are having to endure. Our colleagues are doing their best to help us. We are all finding this aspect of these very difficult times most disturbing.

This morning, a new message, and Paul is apparently not even together enough to put his name to the statement:

Paul and Heather are really upset that the media continue to run stories and speculate on stories that are clearly invented. This is a difficult time and they have both respectively asked for some privacy to work through their difficulties.

It is not easy for them at the moment having to deal with all the gossip and hurtful things that are being said. We all hope that Heather and Paul can be given some space during this period and its not made even more stressful than it already is.

This makes six desperate messages since Wednesday. We do feel sympathy for the McCartneys, the intensely private couple who obviously have no experience living through media scrutiny or creating media frenzies of their own.

We’ve been reading the coverage. We can’t figure exactly what’s getting under McCartney’s skin: articles that chart the life story and deceptions of his bride? Stories spelling out some obvious problems in a marriage whose obvious stresses caused the marriage to end? That joke about the South African gold miner? These photos?

Or is it simply the inability to control the flow of information?

Paulie. Babe. It doesn’t matter. If you need a lesson on handling the press in a time of media frenzy, see a movie called A Hard Day's Night. Stop reading the papers. Or buy a paper of your own. You’ve got the money.

(Note: The name of McCartney's publicist appeared in this morning's web posting, probably to refute rumours that Macca has already rehired Geoff Baker, his longtime flak whom Heather reportedly caused him to jettison.)

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