Tuesday, June 13, 2006

McCartney Crack-Up: New Heather sex pix!

The McCartney marriage fiasco only gets more interesting. As estranged wife Heather Mills threatens to sue the News of World over a story claiming she worked as a high-priced hooker, with clients including Arab princes and Adnan Khashoggi in her early years, the Sun tabloid has dug up--or been handed-- even more Heather sex photos, from yet another sex book published in 1988 (the "volume — with many pictures too filthy to print in a family newspaper— was published by New York firm Arlington and sold worldwide through an erotic book club") .

The British press is mauling poor Heather, and getting away with it for more than one reason. On one hand, there's affection for old Beatle Paul as he approaches 64. On the other, she's got a reputation as a not particularly nice person. The Brits love the Charles Dickens story of one-legged street urchins workign their way into the upper classes-- but not when the urchin forgets her humble roots. One of Tabloid Baby's UK producer pals worked with Heather on a project and says she kowtowed to the bosses but was a witch to the little folk. Her comeuppance shows there's real wisdom in the great Sam Butera's credo: "It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice."

Meanwhile, old McCartney had been using his website to correct the most innocuous of news reports regarding the split, yet there's been nary a post since the destruction campaign began-- not even to defend his "Lady" against prostituion charges-- as her camp denies them.

Our theory? That McCartney's camp has a hand in it all. Those photos have been around--and so have the hooker stories and alleged witnesses. The Macca folk made sure they didn't surface when the marriage took place. But now that big divorce money is at stake, Heather has been nuked.

(See the latest Sun photos here.)

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