Sunday, June 11, 2006

Now at tabloidbaby.com!


With our site visitors surpassing 100,000, Tabloid Baby’s technical team has made it easier to find us— and spread the word. Skip the "blogspot" url and simply type in tabloidbaby.com for news, comments and Tabloid Baby links.

(If you've already got us bookmarked, you can still access us at the traditional tabloidbaby.blogspot.com. It's just that the more concise tabloidbaby.com is easier to remember when recommending us in the office or pub.

Of course, the original Tabloidbaby.com website, which introduced the influential Stories To Steal page and includes controversial videos, the comprehensive tabloid television history and Tabloid Baby chapter guide, among others, is still up and running. You can link to it here at Tabloid Baby booksite.

Simple. Tabloidbaby.com.

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