Friday, June 02, 2006

TV Land Shame: Sex show theft was deliberate!

"This is virgin territory for us. TV Land thought long and hard about this title."

Virgin territory. Long and hard.

Shame on TV Land! And a public dressing down to its press flak, who used a smutty, double entendre quote to defend the formerly family-oriented network’s decision to steal the name of the acclaimed, high-quality sex series, My First Time, for a new show about TV debuts.

Tabloid Baby broke the story that the nostalgia channel changed the name of My Big Break to My First Time, set to debut June 28. The New York Post’s esteemed Page Six column runs the story today:

TV Land is in for a whopping embarrassment with its new series, "My First Time," in which actors talk about their big breaks. It turns out the family-oriented show will be up against the DVD release of the steamy Showtime series of the same name which re-enacts first sexual experiences and features porn stars like Buffy Sinclair and Lexington Steele. "There will surely be confusion in the marketplace," a source close to the adult series tells tabloidbaby.com. "TV Land made a big mistake when it filched the name." But a rep for the retro network insisted the title is staying, adding cheekily: "This is virgin territory for us. TV Land thought long and hard about this title."

“Expect fireworks before the Fourth of July,” says a source close to the original series. “There’s only one ‘My First Time’ in the current TV marketplace-- and all media, for that matter. The DVD release could very well be accompanied by an injunction against TV Land show. It sure doesn’t help their case that their spokesman admitted the theft was premeditated.”


TV Tattle said...

TV Land's "My First Time" won't change its name, despite sexual connotations
"This is virgin territory for us," says TV Land rep says, with tongue planted in cheek. "TV Land thought long and hard about this title." The six-part series that has actors talking about their big breaks also shares the "My First Time" title with an erotic Showtime show that re-enacted women's first sexual experiences. Not coincidentally, the Showtime series will hit DVD around the same week "My First Time" debuts on TV Land.

TV Squad said...

My First Time debuts on TV Land later this month
On June 28, TV Land is premiering a new original series called My First Time. Each episode of the six-part series will focus on a celebrity and their first "big break." The stars themselves will talk about how they first stepped into the limelight, and of course, footage of their first time, hopefully embarrassing, will be shown. I like the light and breezy approach TV Land often takes with its programming, so I'm hoping this show might actually be more interesting than it sounds. Of course, there's always the 2003 Showtime series coming out on DVD around the same time which is also called My First Time. This one is slightly different, though, as it shows porn stars reenacting the first time sexual experiences of regular women. I suppose in some kind of cosmic sense the two shows are similar, I just wanted to make sure you knew which one you were watching. Such mistakes can really put a damper on family reunions. I'm just saying.