Friday, June 16, 2006

'Extra' follows Tabloid Baby's McDermott lead

It's about time. An American tabloid television organization is following Tabloid Baby's three-month-old exclusive lead-- and free advice-- and has sent a private eye to Baja Mexico in the search for Patrick McDermott.

The syndicated TV infotainment magazine Extra counts among its staff and management many journalists and producers (including the two women who helm the show) who learned the tabloid television and journalism game from the folks who now run the Tabloid Baby news comment and link site.

Now, touting their catch-up story as an "exclusive," the syndicator's website reports that the show has sent private investigator John Nazarian (recently publicized as the "clean Pellicano"-- and again demonstrating the close relationships between provate eyes and Hollywood types) to the remote region, and that he's found more witnesses--and a visor they say could belong to the alleged "boyfriend" of Olivia Newton-John.

McDermott is believed to have faked his death off a fishing boat last summer, as a way to avoid child support debts-- and possibly, to give his young son tens of thousands of dollars in life insurance money.

Tabloid Baby broke the world exclusive story back in March that McDermott had been seen alive in and around the town of Todos Santos. In recent weeks, many news outlets have picked up the story after Australian journo Nick Papps arrived in the region and confirmed the scoop. (Just this week, Olivia-Newton John responded to the news Tabloid Baby broke).

"We're gratified that our friends at Extra have finally joined the search for Patrick McDermott," Tabloid Baby editor Burt Kearns said today. "We don't expect them to give us any credit. We know they wish they followed our lead earlier."


Anonymous said...

Extra just wants the publicity from news sources likes Tabloid Baby and the Australian news reporters who actually found out Patrick was alive. I think we will be surprised who was helping Patrick escape when he surfaces.

Anonymous said...

Kiliki, stop posting on Tabloid Baby. ONJ is not that big of a celebrity anymore and no one really cares about what you have to say.

Craig said...

Tell Kim and Xanadude to do the same thing no one cares about anything they have to say anymore.
They are always on the OO board. They ruined it for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know Kim doesn't wear panties to Olivia's concerts, thanks I will have to check her out next time.
Speaking of Kim, where did the idiot go to anyway, I don't see her posting anymore on OO, maybe she finally took the hint and left OO for good. Now if we can only get Kris and Farmer to leave, we have it made!

Anonymous said...

Kim stop talking behind Melissa, Kevin and Dale's back about how terrible OO is and how they hijacked your ideas and thread regarding Linda. So what, look on the bright side you can find something else to do and take Kiliki with you.

Anonymous said...

Wow Kris don't you have any family to go to at Easter? All you do is to complain why people are not over at OO this weekend.

Anonymous said...

You have to remember that Kris is a lonely piece of trash that does nothing but fantasize about Olivia in a bikini. Yeah, you heard me right. She wrote about that on the OO board today.

By the way, it appears that the fashion maven farmer has finally gotten Kim to relinquish her crown as queen to him. She's gone.

Now just get rid of Kiliki and we'll all be in a happy place.

Anonymous said...

Kim is posting now on the F&A board using the name "Racer".

I have it on good authority Kiliki is on the verge of being banned from OO.

Anonymous said...

A member of OO management actually told me that the biggest amounts of complaints they get are about Kiliki.

Anonymous said...

No member of management has told you any such thing.

Anonymous said...

I actually forwarded that to every person on the team. If someone did tell you that, I guess we will know who you are, right? I mean, since you were told firsthand, in confidence. Then it won't be a mystery who you are. Since you are on a personal basis with management, and you were told she is on the verge of being banned. Well, I guess we will know who was told this, correct?
Wanna stop lying now?

Anonymous said...

No lies are being told. Just facts.

uh oh! OO management on the case! That has me shaking in our boots! LOOK OUT FOR THE OO POLICE!

Those idiots couldn't find their way out of a paper bag. That's rich!

And to the nimwit that posted before this, I never said that it was told to me in confidence. Do you have a learning disability? Or are you just stupid?

Let me remind you of one more small detail? I am not "lying" about what I was told. I was told that Kiliki is about to be banned, but personal relationships she has with 'quote unquote' managment on the board is getting in the way of getting that cooz off the board.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Those Only Olivia people are nuts. Just stay away from them. They follow her to every concert, obsess over everything she does, and analyze every word she says. Better to just stay away.

Whoever posted the last comment, don't give them anymore publicity. They love it.

They even pubically recognized that they helped tabloid baby get up to 200,000 posts. They think that is a good thing, when in fact, they are posting and making their site look stupid.

Anonymous said...

You can both drown in your misery. I am not going to give you fuel for your pity party. Why don't you go post another dramatic farewell? Didn't work, did it?

Anonymous said...

Melissa, who are you talking to? You are so obvious it's not even funny anymore.