Tuesday, June 13, 2006

South Central Farmers: Another Dream Is Over

Greetings! The South Central Farm is under siege. If you live in LA or anywhere near there please make your way to the farm to keep the protesters and farmers safe… This is the Red Alert! The Sheriffs have begun and are carrying out the eviction!

That’s part of the email we got at the Tabloid Baby offices after waking up to see the TV news live shots (from safe in the sky) of LA County Sheriff’s deputies moving in to evict the farmers and protesters at the South Central Farm near downtown LA.

Daryl Hannah got the headlines (sadly still refered to as the "Splash" star) as lawmen in riot gear pulled her out of a tree and busted her and about forty others, shutting down the farm a week after it looked as if the farmers coalition had raised the money to buy out the landlord who'd recently gotten the land back from the city.

The folks who’ve turned that piece of downtown LA into an urban oasis, perhaps the largest urban garden in America, who grew their own food and fed their neighbors-- are making room for a warehouse.

We suppose that’s better than a parking lot. But not much better.

Our man Ross the Boss has kept us in the loop. And his documentary on the project has been a real hit on ifilm. It‘s gotten tens of thousands of viewings, and you should check it out to see what you've missed, and what we all will miss...

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