Sunday, June 04, 2006

OJ Simpson's sex tape surfaces

Back in 2001, one of Tabloid Baby’s surveillance expert contacts called us to report they’d been approached by OJ Simpson’s team to help made a sex video. The video would star OJ Simpson and two women. It would be shot in a hotel room in the Caribbean. The surveillance team would rig the room with hidden cameras, so the tape could appear to have been made without Simpson’s knowledge.

Simpson was supposedly promised a million dollars for the one-off performance.

A few months later, The Globe tabloid reported that an OJ Simpson sex tape was indeed made, with his girlfriend and a former Penthouse model at the Mutiny Hotel in the Coconut Grove section of Miami. It was a “hidden camera” sex tape, that could have been made without Simpson’s knowledge.

The tape never surfaced.

The story faded. Until now.

Apparently the tape is out, on sale at BadOJ.com, advertised as a three-way sex romp, allegedly featuring Simpson, “his ex” and “a prostitute” “secretly filmed” with a “hidden camera,” bringing two very unique tabloid scandal genres together: the celebrity sex tape and the celebrity wife murder; and inducting OJ Simpson into yet another Hall of Shame.

Oddly, the distinguishing characteristics that are said to confirm Simpson as the man in the video are his gimpy knees.

(For the behind-the-scenes story of the OJ Simpson murder case,the story of how Tabloid Baby's author made a major break in the case-- and more for more celebrity sex tape stories, check out Tabloid Baby, the book! And for some glimpses at the OJ tape, click here.)

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