Friday, June 09, 2006

McDermott sighted, believed alive: Now what?

Patrick McDermott was basically confirmed to be alive and finally received media attention this week as Aussie reporter Nick Papps took Tabloid Baby’s map and instructions and ventured into the Baja Peninsula, where we’d reported that Olivia Newton-John’s missing "boyfriend" had been seen.

So now what?

Papps is still on the trail, reporting this morning that "a pink sun hat linked to Olivia Newton-John's boyfriend has been found in a Mexican restaurant... The hat contains some grey hairs and may help prove McDermott faked his death at sea off the Los Angeles coast last year." But here in the States, at least, the so-called “mainstream” news and tabloid media have not joined the hunt. They splashed the story for a couple of days, waited for more information to be dropped in their laps, then moved on. And in this time of terror alerts, unguarded ports and border hysteria, the U.S. Coast Guard has indicated that bringing McDermott home is not among its priorities.

Too bad. Papps appears to be only a days behind McDermott, who, as Tabloid Baby reported three months ago, had been sighted in and around the remote town of Todos Santos, despite his alleged drowning off a fishing boat last summer. In part due to Newton-John’s inaction, that apparent mishap was soon believed to have been a staged death (he owed alimony to his ex-wife, debts Newton-John could have covered if she and McDermott were indeed a couple).

Don’t look to American television news or infotainment media to pick up the story. Tabloid shows like Entertainment Tonight won’t touch it because the facts are sure to bring embarrassment to Olivia Newton-John and possibly blow the lid off the Hollywood lies it regurgitates. Network news doesn’t have the imagination. Cable news outlets merely bring on talking heads to yap.

Unless Nick Papps brings this story to conclusion, it will take a decent tabloid newspaper, an Australian news organization—or a publicity-seeking bounty hunter-- to take the step to bring Patrick McDermott back alive.

(Should Mr. Murdoch or any of his rivals need an intrepid reporter to bring him back alive, Tabloid Baby has an experienced, award-winning contributor who’s rarin’ to go.)

We’ll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

even if you did find him, how do you think it is up to you to "bring him back"???
he left no suicide note or anything indicating he was committing suicide, so he hasn't done anything illegal. It isn't illegal to disappear.

Anonymous said...

I guess TB decided to quit obsessing over Patrick McDermott? I thought they declared they were going to solve the case?

Anonymous said...

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Why do you hide from the truth on the OO board?
Anyone with a brain or who can reason gets hateful email or told off such as Vangogh, Jim, Bri and some others.
OO members have to post here because if they post their real opinion they get deleted posts, banned or emailed and told to be quiet by Queen Bee Melissa.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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