Friday, June 16, 2006

Time for a Big Huckin' Boycott?

Burger King must have been pretty pleased with its "Big Buckin' Chicken" commercial. The ad, which eases kids into using the "f word" (and despite the sophisticated cranks hitting our comment board, there's no denying that "buckin' chicken" is a smutty joke, used expressly to stand in for "big f-ckin' chicken") helps the Big BK to poison their minds as well as young bodies.

So now they've followed it with "Big Huckin' Chicken." We're not sure what "huckin" means, but again, it's an obvious substitute for "f-ckin": "Big huckin' chicken. You go big and you are spicy. Big huckin' chicken. Three hits of heat can't be beat. Spicy. Huckin. Chicken."

Same song. Slightly adjusted lyrics. Just as crude but without the imagination. As lowbrow as their "Groupies Love the Coq" campaign. As bad an influence on the kids as their greasy heart-clogging burgers and hydrogenated sugary fries. The Madison Avenue squirts must be high fivin' and doing extra lines in celebration. And who cares about the kids.

Parents? Time for a big huckin' boycott.

PS: Burger King not only serves the fattiest french fries, it fries in fat that’s more hydrogenated than the fat used by most other food chains. It’s time to nudge the King to get an oil change:


Anonymous said...

Liberal Fags.....get over it....

Anonymous said...

Since you seem so misinformed, the word huckin actually refers to big tricks. To "huck" is to get big air and perform cool tricks, as in the case of what the chicken is doing. Now, if you wan't to complain properly in the future I suggest that you do two things. Firstly, become properly informed of what you are complaining about so that you don't sound like an idiot. Second, don't complain about something on your site (ie. the use of the word "huckin") and then do the same exact thing you are complaining about. Take a look, and you will see that you have used the word "huckin" all over your site. Then to make matters worse, you have then made a connection between the word huckin and the f-bomb. Next time do your homework and put in a little forethought before you take on a campaign such as you have done. Not to say that you aren't entitled to your opinion, because you are. Just make sure that before you spill your tirade of slanderous crap in an open forum like the internet again, use some common sense. Oh wait, I just read your title for the post. It says "Time for a Big Fuckin' Boycott"! At least going by your standards that would be the case. Now grow up, get a life, and find something more creative to do with your time than bitch about a guy in a chicken suit.

Anonymous said...

At least make an effort to be informed about your complaint about before launching a crusade. You may well be correct in citing BK's intent with these "Buckin" and "Huckin" campaigns, but to admit you don't even know what "Huckin" means while railing against BK reeks of close-minded ignorance. It would have taken a 20 second internet search to to find a definition that made sense in the context of the ad.

Huck a cliff.

thevaxguy said...

That's not the point, moron. If the original author didn't know what "huckin" meant, neither will 99.99% of the general public. Sorry to piss on your parade, but motocross is NOT so deeply ingrained in the minds of the great unwashed that they will all smile knowingly and say "Huckin, of course, has nothing to do with dropping f-bombs". Of course it does, the author did NOT make the connection, BK did that, and the public at large does NOT know the word huck. Next you're gonna be saying "Groupies love the coq" has nothing to do with YOU BLOODY WELL KNOW WHAT. Tough luck, now go choke on your own upchuck, schmuck. You suck.

Enara said...

1) I think the commercials are a scream.
2) I think people can choose to explain "huckin'" to their children and introduce them to another sport in life and it's great.
3) Thevaxguy needs a laxative.
4) I'll be eating at BK more often because, well, I'm pretty healhty and the extra trans-fat won't hurt me once in a while.
5) Back to the parenting idea: If parents are so concerned about the ad campaign, they could (and let's all gasp in unison) TALK to their children about the advertisement and why they would prefer their children not use foul (pun intended) language.

Just my thoughts.

SoCô¿ôL Bob said...

It took me longer than twenty seconds ... but I found the definition I was looking for ... HERE ô¿~

Republican named Jeff said...

1. Kids have heard the word before, no biggie, this coming from a 15-year old Honor Roll Student.

2. Ever think it's just a parody of "Big CLUCK-in' Chicken?"

3. Go eat somewhere else if it's too fatty for you.

Anonymous said...

Will you stop bashing the guy for writing this. It is obvious that they are using "Huckin" to replace f-cking, why else would they have a chicken doing tricks on a bike? And Groupies love Coq? I'd like to see you try to defend that. There is no way that you can except for the fact that they are trying to make it not look like they are saying that groupies love cock. You people are morons if you are going to defend Burger King. Their food tasts like crap anyway. And their advertisements are retarded recently.

Anonymous said...

Well, they've done exactly what they intended to do. Just like any commercial that tries to instigate controversy, the marketing advertisement committee at Burger King has successfully gotten people talking about their commercials, and ultimately the company itself. Despite whatever the rest of you may call it, I'd say it's a big huckin' victory for Burger King.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, had NO idea what "huckin" meant...so I did some research on my own... At first, I to thought it was a replacement for the "F-Bomb", but now I have become enlightened... I like the BK salads...no transfat there!