Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Son of The Nutty Professor

This is the new Nutty Professor, if Jerry Lewis has his way and lives to turn his movie classic into a Broadway musical. No Eddie Murphy, no recognizable face this time around. Michael Andrew is a small-time big band tribute singer from Orlando who’s apparently buttered up old Jerry with a Nutty Professor segment in his act. (Andrew “Dice” Clay started his career doing that very same impression. No kidding.)

This Andrew has done time at the Rainbow Room, at Merv Griffin’s Coconut Club and was in a scene in the Jennifer Love Hewitt movie, Heartbreakers.

He and his band have also done many sets at Rat Pack’s on the Avenue in Orlando. He’s got pictures of himself performing as Professor Julius Kelp on his website. And pictures of him with Jerry. You can hear him sing here. Pleasant voice, but we maybe would have thought of asking Harry Connick Jr. or Harvey Fierstein first.

Jerry wrote starred and directed the original. He plans to write the book and direct (he’ll hire songwriters for the tunes), a la Mel Brooks and The Producers. He wants to open at the Old Globe in San Diego next year, then hit Broadway in October 2008.

Except Jerry is 80… let’s hope he makes it.

(Jerry is God. Read the ultimate Jerry Lewis behind-the-scenes stories here.)

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