Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tom Green's Ace In The Hole

Performance artist Tom Green continues a slide from from home videos and rap records to MTV comedy show to Drew Barrymore to big time movies to testicular cancer to MTV talk show to Jay Leno bits... to the Internet tonight... as he takes questions from cyberspace and has intercourse with roadkill in a weekly webcast.

But he’s got a secret weapon that’s bound to cause heavy traffic on his server: none other than TV genius, public access sci fi legend, one-time Tabloid Baby Man of the Year, USA Network "character," Bigfoot explorer and self-described “Master of the Bizarre,” Dr.Franklin Ruehl!

As he did on Green’s late (“late” as in dead) talk show, Dr. Ruehl will present some of his famous mysteries concerning ufology, parapsychology, and cryptozoology as well as weird news items, entries from the world of bizarre medicine extracted from his "little black bag," cases from his Vault of Strange Deaths, and we hope, plugs for his pals at Tabloid Baby! He says he’ll also challenge the audience with his absorbing trivia questions!

Green’s show launches tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern 8 pm Pacific time, etc. The good Doctor will make his debut in a special edition tomorrow, Friday, June 16, same times. Then he’ll guest weekly on the regular Thursday episodes.

By our estimation, Green’s best work was in Barrymore's Charlie's Angels movie (a Hollywood classic), but his “Freddy Got Fingered” was incomprehensibly bent, with a sensibility that couldn't be labelled "comic," yet on some levels reached the plane of Yahoo Serious (a seriously underrated artist). What we remember about "Freddy" is Green’s pride in not including any fart jokes (a trait shared by the comedy smash, Cloud 9.)

Tap in to Green's website to see Tom and Dr. Ruehl!

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