Friday, June 02, 2006

Piloh Shitt

We haven’t seen anyone yet pick up this item, and until now would never think of doing a story about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s baby, so we must give props to popbitch, the wildy irresponsible, most readable and copied of all gossip resources, for pointing out the wild irresponsibility and long-term implications of the couple's baby-naming decision.

How out of touch can they be?

How, after all the planning, the spin mastery that turned their narcisistic clinch into UNICEFian world service, the flight to Namibia, the personal assistants, nannies and the rest, could they skip on the basics?

For our part, we'd spent weeks settling on names for our tabloid babies, vetting each choice through the future-schoolyard-taunt meter: “Smelly Nelly,” "Anna Banana," "Enos Penis," “Elvis Pelvis,” “Muhammad Muhammad Ali The Black Superman,” "Dick"-- you get the idea-- so forget Britney Spears, aside from Brad Pitt being heavily back into the Anistonian-era pot habit, how could ET’s wet dream be so careless?

Shiloh Pitt? Shiloh Pitt?

Sez Popbitch: “Poor baby, how long will it be at school before Shiloh Pitt gets nicknamed Piloh Shitt?"


Elli in Israel said...

interesting, because i thought it was pronounced sheeelo, not shiiiiilo. here in the biblical land, we have a settlement called shilo (pronounced sheelo), and i thought the name was another in the continuing link to things kabalah, and jewish themes like the naming of suri (short for sarah) cruise

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, because that would be better!

Pee-low Shit!