Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A big buckin' scandal

Is anyone else offended by the new Burger King ads in which the cowboy rides the giant chicken?

The big buckin' chicken?

It's uncomfortable enough watching TV with the kids when a spot for Geraldo At Large jumps into the middle of a prime time family show like American Idol with talk of incest, molestation, porn, murder or rape (and that happens every night). But the new Burger King campaign, obviously aimed at teens and taking some kind of hit at Brokeback Mountain, is especially insidious:

"Big Buckin Chicken. It's a big buckin' chicken.

The only way to beat it... is to eat it."

A group of farmers and cowboys are crowded around the fence of a rustic coral excitedly taking in some serious dust kicking action. We can't make it out because the cowboys block our view as we struggle to push through. Suddenly we see the commotion...A rider flies out of the bucking chute... struggling to stay on something wild, something big, something with feathers. The biggest, baddest chicken anybody has ever seen.... a big chicken made famous by Burger King attempts to shake his rider with a series of oddly hilarious moves until finally the rider is thrown though the air and lands on the onlooking cowboys...

...That's one big buckin' chicken! The new large and loaded TenderCrisp Cheesy Bacon Sandwich. The only way to beat it...is to eat it! Have It Your Way!

It's crass, heavy-handed double entendre and the youngest kids get it. First the fast food bastards clog their arteries, fill them with sugar fries and destroy their growing bodies with the poison they push. Now they get together with the Madison Avenue Shmendricks and ease them into the f-word and mutual masturbation.

Why go after Howard Stern or Janet Jackson's covered breast? This Burger King smut is sneaked into our living rooms while we're watching family shows with the kids. We haven't heard any uproar from the hypocrites. And that's a big buckin' shame.


Anonymous said...

Try singing this one to the kid

That Buckin' Song

I had a horse
named Bad Luck
She weren't good lookin'
but she sure could buck

Yahoo hey hey
Yippee yi cy yey

I put my mama on her
She threw her in the air
My mama said son
"that's a mother buckin' mare"


Took her to the rodeo
She won second place
She was really buckin' good
in the buckin' barrel race


She won a thousand dollars
I put it in my hat
Bought a brand new saddle
She bucked me out of that


She bucked me on the
pick-up truck
She bucked me on the fence
My daddy said
son, you got no buckin' sense"


So if you gotta bucker
Don't ever buck around
That buckin' mother bucker
will buck you on the ground


Artist/Band: Keen Robert Earl

Album: Walking Distance

elzorrodorito said...

It is probably the best commecial ever. It's just a commercial about a chicken sandwich. It's funny, and I have no idea how you stretched that so far as to say it's referencing Brokeback Mountain. Everything with a cowboy in it is now a brokeback mountain joke?

I found this looking for the video to show my little brother, because I think it's funny.

Anonymous said...

burger king sure is pushing it. Check out what they call the "subsevient chicken." It will do anything you ask! Well, not everything.


Anonymous said...

A total insult of our intelligence.
That is how I feel. Dirty language and inuendo don't bother me. It is the the fact that Burger King thinks we are so stupid that they can sneak this past us believeing we aren't intelligent to know what they are trying to do. I think I can live every well by not eating Burger King food anymore.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny. I didn't see any innuendo, and I still don't. People are reading WAY too much into things...

joshua said...

i love this commercial! i think its the funniest thing ive ever seen, well one of them at least...
i did see my little bro. run into a parked car while walking the dog today. i was rolling out of my seat!
but any wayz i love this commercial
and the song that goes with it

"buckin' chicken"

Anonymous said...

The worst part about this commercial is that BK feels the need to saturate the airwaves with it. I wouldn't mind NEARLY as much if it didn't come on every buckin' commercial break.

Geez, BK, learn to SPREAD out those advertising dollars. Thanks to your "pound them senseless with our drivel" methodology, I'm never patronizing you, again.

La Vida Dulce said...

The BK commercial that nobody seemed to catch but me, was "wake up with the king" where this guy finds the Burger King in bed with him. I thought that one was way out there, kinda creepy. I don't buy their products, but the big buckin' chicken made me laugh. Lighten up, you don't have to buy their stuff either. Make my buttermilk chicken recipe instead. http://vidadulce.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of stupid people like you allowing their sickened minds to take control of everyone else. Now buckin is very similar to f*ckin and they very well may have meant the words to sound similar, but the premise of the advertisement is still the ridiculousness of a slow, country song playing as cowboys get hyped up over something as silly and unrealistic as a big buckin chicken. Now, when you wanna spout of your bullsh*t and boycott burger king because they made people laugh and caught their attention with a clever commercial, that's fine. But shut the f*ck up with spouting your uninformed stupidity to everyone else. In case you've been living in a cave for the last couple of years commercials and advertising are getting more and more ridiculous. There are a few industries focusing on vulgarities and sex to sell products(alcohol, tobacco, etc.) but what do you expect?? These are adult produts targeted at adults. Just because you're a close-minded jackass who can't detach the word buckin from f*ckin doesn't mean that word is unavailable for use and anytime it's used it's a reference to something deeper and dirtier. It's pretty amazing to assume that every adult has Brokeback Mountain, let alone every kid. And even if they did, what's to say they automatically connect that movie with the big buckin chicken?? I sure as hell didn't. You're atupidity amazes me. If we go by your thinking, maybe chevy shouldn't be able to sing "Like a rock" cause that's too close to "Like a Cock!" Or maybe McDonald's should stop with "I'm loving it" cause that's way too close to "I'm loving shit". Maybe clear eyes should stop with "Gets the red out" cause that's way too close to "Get your head out". How about beer commercials smart ne?? What's the underlying point their making?? "We'll get you drunk, so you can forget your problems!" I can see why you would be offended by the chicken commercial though, I mean more people die from buckin/f*ckin confusion each year than in any alcohol related incidents. You're a jackass!! There are much bigger problems and issues going on in the world, wake up!! Just shut up, quit focusing on stupid sh*t and manufacturing drama for you to blog about on the internet. If you don't like the commercial then don't eat there, but shove your notions of what the true meaning of the commercial is straight up your ass. We can all think for ourselves thanks, and I choose not to think of 2 chickens f*cking just because a commercial comes on and sings "Big Buckin' Chicken." Who's the sick one you big buckin' idiot??? (No, I'm not thinking of you f*cking!)

An Open-Minded, Intelligent American

Mother-pluckin clock-shuckin sonofawitch said...

That last anonymous poster's rant was funny, but it doesn't negate the obvious.

The people who put out the commercial sing "big buckin' chicken" because it's supposed to bring to mind "Big fuckin' chicken.'

Whether that denotes intercourse or not is irrelevant.

It's vulgar and it cheapens the discourse.

Fast food probably does kill more than traffic accidents, by the way.

You can look that up in your Funk & Wagnalls.

Anonymous said...

Freshly harvested potatoes are rich in sugars, and if you slice them up and deep-fry them the sugars will caramelize and brown the outside of the fry long before the inside is cooked.

To make a crisp French fry, a potato has to be stored at a warm temperature for several weeks in order to convert those sugars to starch.

McDonald's fries are briefly dipped in a sugar solution, which gives them their golden-brown color; Burger King fries are dipped in a starch batter, which is what gives those fries their distinctive hard shell and audible crunch.

But the result is similar. The potato that is first harvested in the field is roughly eighty per cent water. The process of creating a French fry consists, essentially, of removing as much of that water as possible-- and replacing it with fat.

Josh from Pa said...

You're a Big
Fuckin' Douchebag!


Anonymous said...

i told the subservient chicken to kill you...it's on it's way

Anonymous said...

You are extremely ignorant. It's a commercial... you cry too much.

I bet you also believe video games are warping our fragile little minds.

Anonymous said...

I agree....you are being extremly ignorant. This commercial acutally makes me laugh soooo hard it almost makes me pee. I was actually looking for the commerical to send to my boyfriend....and if anyone knows if you can get the jingle or song as a ring tone....I WANT IT!!!

Don't take things so seriously....loosen up dude!!

Sandy Vagina said...

Hey complainer, is there sand in your vagina?

Anonymous said...

This BK commercial rules! You people trying to imagine some kind of anti-puritianical conspiracy behind it need to get a life.

Mike N. said...

Oh My God! This commercial is SO offensive. I am going to start praying for all of us as soon as I am finished with this post. The government HAS to do something about this ASAP!! For the love of God we are all going to rot in hell over this. Everybody start praying immedidately! God will save us! Call you Congressmen. Lets pass laws! Lots of laws! So that everyone has to think and act and have the same morals as us little perfect people! Come on people! Got to your churchs too! Tell the whole congregation how evil BK is! How dare they offend us!

Anonymous said...

This thread please me, and makes me hungry. If your aim was to make me go out and buy one of these sandwiches you've succeeded.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, maybe I'm a bit naive, (or maybe just not as paranoid as some obviously are), but...


I bet you actually looked for the two people having sex in the Coke print ad, too, didn't ya? Come on, admit it, YOU DID!

Anonymous said...

it's a stupid commercial and a stupid song. i might have laughed at it when i was a toddler, but probably not. i agree that it is offensive because it is a catchy tune and you know that kids everywhere are walking around singing "big fuckin chicken". not funny, just retarded. de-evolution at it's best.

Anonymous said...

I wish it was big fuckin chicken

Anonymous said...

Hypocrites? I'm not quite following.
Oh, and yes, you so stupid and serious. Is that what you mean? Read into it; you'll get it at some point.

Anonymous said...

All who thought it wasn't offensive apparently don't have kids ! Kids learning to talk will sometimes get their letters & sounds confused ..In turn sounding like f**king . Yeah I have a sense of humor but I also have kids.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I respect your right to be offended by whatever you wanna be offended by, but PLEASE explain how this commercial hints at mutual mastubation. If cowboys watching their buddy ride a giant chicken makes you think of mutual masturbation, then obviously the sick one is YOU! GEEZ, dude, get yer head examined! Maybe when they say "the only way to beat it...is to eat it", they simply mean that if you don't want to get bucked off (heheh, BUCKED off!) an oversized, goofy chicken, you better eat it. They're just trying to make people wanna eat chicken in a somewhat cheeky (NOT insidious!) manner. Anways, now that I have defended BK's commercial, I must say, the food is kinda yucky!

Anonymous said...

lmfao.. mutal masterbation, brokeback mountain, sex crazed cowboys,and A BIG FUCKIN CHICKEN! where did you come up with this shit? Ricki Lake? LMAO ooo god you crack me up.. yes it sounds like big fuckin chicken, but i think thats funny.. who cares you buckin idiot! lmao.. im just trying to find out where you get the whole mutual masturbation and sex crazed cow boys lmfao.. its a big buckin chicken running around with a dude singing in the background.. come on.. teens cuss.. ok everyone knows that.. little kids? theyre not going to have the minds to put together buckin and fuckin.. kids dont think dirty, its people like you that think sponge bob is gay with patrick, and people like you who see a penis in the kentucky wildcats mouth.. cum buckin on ( i crack myself up ) stop getting your minds in the gutter, obviously if this is a bigger issue then the stupid war in iraq, or the people starving in other countrys that would be more than happy to have a big buckin chicken, then you have problems.. get a buckin clue you buckin idiot.. its not the end of the world, its a BIG buckin chicken, and hes under your buckin bed waiting for you to fall asleep. well thank you for the laugh and have a GEAT BUCKIN DAY! -Donnie- -Louisville Kentucky-

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of this entire post is:

"...a prime time family show like American Idol..."

Oh, sure. Hinting at profanity is wrong - but exploiting wanna-be pop singers and eventually publically humiliating them on national television isn't? Maybe instead of encouraging your child to watch television, you should have him/her read a book. Though with your hasty word association skill, I'd avoid anything written on ducks or trucks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with every one here that has said you need to get a life its a commercial not a porn ad calm down and once again

Anonymous said...

The Big Buckin Chicken is one of the funniest commercials out there right now, while your "Brokeback Mountain" should be the real buckin focus. Teaching children that two cowboys getting it on is ok is the real issue here, not the buckin' chicken. Being gay is wrong and is taken entirely to lightly these days. In fact, it seems to be the new buckin trend. It makes me sick to think that people are promoting this sick behavior and smearing it all over the media for innocent children to see. No, I am not a homophobe, I'm a Christian who sees this world of ours on a path of evil and damnation as long as we keep promoting homosexuality. As for your Big Buckin Chicken, I would watch it all day long before I would have some bullcrap like "Brokeback Mountain" out there for the world to be contaminated with!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is easy for a child to confuse word sounds, but whose job is it to parent your kids? BK's or yours?

Given the incredibly unlikely scenario in which your kids think the commercial says "fuckin'" (a word they have NEVER heard before, obviously...)...what you're implying is that somehow they will start saying this word, and saying this word will warp them into non-Christian, homosexual liberals.

God forbid. Take down BK immediately.

All satire aside, I think it takes a more creatively vulgar mind to find Brokeback Mountain references in this commercial than it does to simply laugh at its stupidity.

I, for one, believe this is an ingenious commercial.

Huckin Finn said...

It's "huckin" -- not "buckin."

So you can rest easy now.


Anonymous said...

If it's wasn't a penis in the Kentucky Wildcat's mouth, why'd they change it?

Anonymous said...

Are you that bored that you must fabricate an absolutely ridiculous claim that BK is behind some gay conspiracy aimed at younger viewers? Please PLEASE STFU!!!! The big huckin/buckin chicken commercials were funny because they were actually implying the F word, big fuckin chicken. No that they were part of some gay conspiracy which totally lacks any substance or validity. When you talk out of your ass next time, at least bring some facts or evidence to the table to back up your dumb fuck claims. You right wing hateful son of a bitch.