Thursday, December 03, 2009

Remember Tiger Woods' nude model "wife"?

We wonder what Kim Hiott thinks about the Tiger Woods brouhaha. She's the nude model who for years has been incorrectly identified as Tiger's wife Elin.

A few years ago, we broke the story that cyberterrorists were spreading the rumour on the eve of Tiger’s 60 Minutes interview with Ed Bradley-- the one in which Tiger spoke so lovingly of his wife the former twin nanny ("I have found a life partner, a best friend. You know, Elin’s been incredible for me. She’s brought joy and balance in my life. We love doing the same things. You think I’m competitive? She’s way more than me.").

Later that year, Tiger Woods sued an Irish magazine for publishing topless photos of Hiott under the headline, "Ryder Cup filth for Ireland," and over an article claiming she was Tiger's wife.

Tabloid Baby readers had already helped identify model Kimberly Hiott by the tattoo on her lower back. Even so, the mistake haunts Tiger and Elin to this day.

Those were simpler days for Tiger Woods, when he was defending his wife, not defending himself from her.


Anonymous said...

Nice Ass

Who cares who this is?
As long as he knew it wasn't his wife I don't see what the big deal is

Now for Tiger
Put it back in your pants buddy

I don't blame her for coming after ya with a golf club as long as she picked the right one for the shot

Nine Iron anyone?

Anonymous said...

We've got three mistresses alleged - almost a Tiger slam.

rakeback said...

The truth is that if you are talented enough, people will overlook your shortcomings unless you have committed a terrible crime.