Monday, December 28, 2009

Tan line betrays TMZs JFK photo as fake

Has the mainstream news media gone so soft and stupid that they'll buy anything these days just because it's put out there by a corporate porn-pushing gossip site? TMZ.com and its shaved bronzed midget frontman chose the dead zone between Christmas and New Year's, when the B teams are running the copy and assignment desks, to squeeze out a conveniently-crumpled photo purportedly to show John Fitzgerald Kennedy sunning himself on a yacht while a bevy of naked beauties dive, sun and climb around him. The sleazy subliterates claim the photo was taken pre-Presidency in the "mid-1950s" and that "TMZ had multiple experts examine the photo -- all say there is no evidence the picture was Photoshopped."

No evidence?
Start with "JFK"'s head. Why, if, as the experts claim, there is no sign of photoshopping or other manipulation, does the head appear to be lopped apart from the body and surrounded by a black shadow?

The least we could expect from the TMZ boys is good head.

As for the women: Are the bodies era-appropriate? And, more obviously, is the tan line on the woman at right typical of the mid-1950s?

Why are we even wasting time on this? Well, remember that lazy fellow journos take the site seriously, and cite it as a source. In fact, this morning, TMZ's biggest cheerleader, New York Times boy blogger Brian Stelter, writes a fawning appreciation while pushing TMZ's flier that it's opening a TMZ sports division (see, Tiger Woods was a good story, so naturally...)


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