Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy was the voice of Luanne on King of The Hill

Tragic actress Brittany Murphy, who died of an apparent drug-related heart attack this morning at the age of 32, will remain forever young and naive through her role as Luanne on Mike Judge's animated television series, King of The Hill.

The show ended a twelve-year-run on Fox in September, but continues to be seen in syndication. Brittany's character, Luanne Leanne Platter, is, according to Wikipedia, "sensitive and a bit of an airhead, (and) her conflicts most often stem from her inability to think for herself and her naiveté, which allows others to take advantage of her. She follows a very implicit pattern in the men she dates, which are usually all the wrong kinds."

Will that be the way we remember Brittany?


Anonymous said...

So talented.Im shocked and saddened by her loss.

Anonymous said...

"Tragic actress?"

"Died of an apparent drug overdose?"

WTF? This website has NO FACTS to support either claim. Who says she was tragic? The girl worked all the time and no autopsy has been conducted yet.

This site is managed by full-time idiots and speculators who have no basis to make any of it's claims. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Dying at 32 makes her tragic enough!

TB never said it was a drug overdose, Steve, but an apparent drug-related heart attack!

They have inside info that you don't!

That's why we follow them!

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hahaha Yeah... actually I guess that she was a great actress but there were some rumors about drugs and stuff, you know.

Unknown said...
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