Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas mourning for Derek Loux

The stories are coming in and we're beginning to get a clearer picture of Derek Loux, the Christian singer, minister and adoption advocate who died after an SUV wreck in Nebraska the day before Christmas Eve.

Loux's death made the news because he'd released a couple of albums as a Contemporary Christian singer. Digging a bit deeper, we learned that he was an evangelizing minister who promoted adoption around the world, that he died while returning from a training session on how to minister to victims of human trafficking-- and that his death left ten children fatherless, only weeks after a family trip to Disneyland.

We'd asked you to send us information to fill in his back story, and now the life of Derek Loux is coming into focus, and questions, like why he started something called The Joshua Fund. Glenn E. Rice of The Kansas City Star tells us that "Derek Loux’s ministry was built on the foundation that there was always room at the family table for another child.

"In recent years, Loux and his wife, Renee, adopted a household of children that included five girls from the Marshall Islands and three boys with special needs from Ukraine. The couple already had two children."

Derek and Renee Loux moved to Kansas City a few years ago to work with the International House of Prayer (IHOP) ministry and help launch its music ministry, the Forerunner Music Academy. Before that, he was director of an IHOP ministry in Indianapolis.

"Loux was raised in Pennsylvania. After high school, he joined the Last Days Ministries in Texas. Part of his training included an internship in the Marshall Islands, where he met his wife. (The Loux family website says, 'Renee grew up on the mission field in the Pacific islands and Derek grew up in a traveling ministry with his family.') The couple married in 1992. Two years later, their first child, Josiah, was born with severe spina bifida. Josiah died two years later.

"To honor his memory, the couple created the Josiah Fund with a mission of rescuing, adopting and restoring needy and neglected children. The couple was raising money to purchase property for a group home and adopt more children.

"They also sought to inspire other couples to adopt children, particularly those with special needs. In recent years, about 20 IHOP families have adopted 60 children from throughout the United States and from other countries."

Kathleen emails:

"I was to meet Derek at the Indianapolis House of Prayer, the year prior he and his family moving to Kansas City.

"He was a Godly example of a true believer in watching him relate to his wife, children, sister and parents. His music and teaching opened my

"Heart more to God. My life was enriched by Derek. Thank you, Lord, for sharing Derek with us."


Anonymous said...

I met Derek recently at a conference in Boston where
He was leading in worship. He impacted our lives!
My eyes were riveted to his presentation...as to
adoption of children in distress...
not to mention his leading of worship which was the
sweetest. He had with him his nephew Nick, age 17,
at the drums, and Amelia Scott. They made the Conference fly. We are broken hearted.

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