Saturday, December 12, 2009

Danno Hanks forced Tiger Woods to quit golf

Tiger Woods could have avoided most all of this mess if he had only gotten in front of the story and changed the headline as soon as the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ started posting unfounded rumours and conjecture that odds indicated would pay off (every tabloid journo had already figured that a two a.m. front yard car wreck and a National Enquirer front page mistress story added up to a scuffle with the missus-- the only problem was confirming it, a slight nuisance that CNN's bastard cousin has a history of ignoring) and mainstream organizations began treating it conveniently as fact. Sad that a billionaire corporate sports star doesn't have the advisers or organization to handle a simple problem like that-- let alone an understanding with a former nanny wife from who he's separated for probably six months out of the year. But in the middle of it all, it's worth mentioning that it wasn't the corrupt scumbags at TMZ or any of the attention-seeking sex partners who caused Tiger Woods to walk away from his job and go into deep hiding, but a legendary tabloid television private eye.

Hollywood dick Danno Hanks drove the final nail in the Tiger Woods story when he provided the evidence that backed recent Hollywood madame Michelle Braun's claim that Tiger paid for her prostitutes. After Danno's quote hit the wires, Tiger threw in the towel. As well the superstar should have, because Danno has always known where the bodies are buried when it comes to Hollywood scandal. Along the way in his illustrious and colorful career and lives, he did the undercover work for the tabloid television giants in the glory days of A Current Affair and Hard Copy, earned himself a place in the book Tabloid Baby, including the story of how he came up with wiretapped phonecalls from then-Hollywood madame Heidi Fleiss.

And note it was ABC News that quoted Danno in the hours before Tiger quit.

As OK! magazine reports:

"That scandal grew today amid allegations from Hollywood madam Michelle Braun that she arranged meetings with Tiger and at least four prostitutes from 2006 to 2007 for a total cost of $60,000, according to the New York Post.

“'Tiger has been one of Michelle’s clients for years,' private investigator Dan Hanks, who worked for Braun, checking her clients’ backgrounds, told ABC News.com.

"Hanks, who had access to Braun’s client list and spoke with Braun earlier in the week about Tiger, said he knew of an occasion in which Tiger hired three prostitutes at one time for an evening in Las Vegas..."

UPDATE: Danno Hanks clarifies:

"I never 'worked' for Michelle Braun (AKA: Nici's Girls). What I did do is 'infiltrate' her operation, posing as a guy who could obtain background information on potential clients and girls. This was done while I was working for Fox Undercover, a Los Angeles-based news program for KTTV11.

"This allowed me to gain access to about 90% of her client and call girl list. After I left Fox news, I turned over my files to the IRS & FBI. Some of that information was eventually used to convict her in federal court.

"Amazingly, Michelle Braun did not treat me with ill will, and continued to talk with me. When she realized that her run as a madam was over, she decided to cut a deal with the feds and focus on writing a book. Last Wednesday, I met with her for a few hours at a house owned by a friend of hers in Marina Del Rey. It was during that meeting that she told me about supplying girls to Tiger Woods. Prior to that meeting, and other than her statement, I had no prior knowledge of, or any proof that Tiger was a 'client' of Nici's Girls. And the 'proof' that she offered was nothing more then two IRS1099 forms that she generated only after the Tiger Woods story broke, claiming the employment of Holly Joy Sampson and Jamie Sue Jungers by the 'Global Travel Network'."

"Both of these women admit to having had sex with Tiger. However, both of them deny ever being in the employment of Michelle Braun, or any of her companies."

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