Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Jesse Ventura kicks ass

Jesse Ventura kicks ass. When a writer for LA Times claims he didn't "get to the bottom of anything" in the premiere episode of his new TV series, Conspiracy Theory, he stuffed it back in the wiseguy's face:

"How can you get to the bottom, with a one-hour TV show and the limited resources I have? Hey, I'm doing a lot better than you guys are! How's that for you?"

"You don't think journalists investigate anything?"

"Not much. They investigate the death of Anna Nicole Smith, which I won't be covering."

When some Boston Herald pencilneck insinuated he was a "surf bum" for taking up the sport in Baja Mexico, he shot back:

“If one were that dedicated to religion, would they be called a religion bum? No.”

And now that George Bush is safely out of the picture and GE is selling NBC, the mainstream media is getting around to reporting what Jesse said four years ago: that MSNBC pulled the plug on his talk show and benched him for the duration of his three-year contract because he didn't support the war in Iraq. That was before they went all lefty for ratings.

Jesse Ventura is investigating conspiracies Wednesday nights at 10 and the difference is that he's sincere in his beliefs and means what he says. We happen to know that because Jesse Ventura is a Tabloid Baby pal. We'll be waiting to see what he does with John Lennon, Bob Marley, Sonny Bono and Danny Gans.

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Anonymous said...

Now the world gets to see that Jesse took too many body slams in the ring.

Jesse's a Ron Paul kook.

Come on Jesse, find out who produced those kilotons of alumino-nanothermite/mate, whatever the delusion is, the lastest corner that the 9/11 Conspiracy nuts boxed themselves into, alleging that nanothermite explosives took down the WTC.

Was it Naval Surface Warfare Center - Indian Head, Maryland and the pilot plant there built by Dr. Jan Puszynski as the 9/11 delusiontards claim?