Saturday, December 26, 2009

Derek Loux was not driving in fatal crash

Christian singer and adoption advocate Derek Loux was not driving the SUV in the single-car accident that killed him the day before Christmas Eve. The latest reports say that Loux was a passenger in the Dodge Durango when it skidded out of control and slid off Interstate 80 around 4 a.m. Wednesday, about two miles east of the small Nebraska town of Cozad. The 28-year-old driver was taken to an area hospital after the crash. We don't know his condition.

State troopers say both men were wearing seatbelts.

Derek Loux, 37, was on his way back home to Grandview, Missouri, from a ministry conference in Colorado, where he went to learn how to minister to victims of human trafficking. Loux's passion was getting people to adopt special needs and underprivileged children. A minister with the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri, he preached around the world on the subject and he and his wife Renee were parents of eight adopted children, in addition to two girls of their own. Their firstborn son Josiah, died of spinal bifada and inspired Loux to begin The Josiah Fund.

This is the letter from the IHOP leadership, posted on the Loux family website:

Dear IHOP family,

Derek Loux, who was such an important part of our IHOP family for many years, is now in the presence of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Early this morning as he was traveling home from Colorado, Derek was killed in an automobile accident when his car hit a patch of black ice. Derek had been in Colorado to receive more extensive training in how to minister to victims of human trafficking.

For years, this precious man of God has faithfully served his Lord and our Missions Base in so many areas, including helping pioneer the Forerunner Music Academy, where he served as director. Derek was part of the IHOP-KC senior leadership team, a worship leader in the House of Prayer, and a frequent IHOP-KC conference speaker. He has recorded professionally as a musician, singer and songwriter; including his albums Paper Religion and Fragrant Burning. Before joining IHOP-KC, he served as the director of IHOP-Indianapolis for four years.

Derek’s life passion was adopting and restoring orphans; he pioneered the vision of the Orphan Justice Center – a haven of restoration for rescued orphans. OJC recently become an official part of IHOP. His tireless voice for the weak and voiceless indelibly marked us all. How we will miss him.

Renee and the children will need so very much love and support, not only in these first weeks, but for many years. In the immediate, Pamela Stead will spearhead all practical care for the family. Please contact her (pamelastead@ihop.org) if you want to be involved in practical helps. We ask you to please give the Loux family (immediate and extended) privacy to grieve, and only go to the home if invited. There will be many ways to give – meals, childcare, home care, finances. More details will follow soon on how you can give to this precious family, as well as Memorial plans.

We do not grieve as those who have no hope, but oh how we grieve. For Renee, for children who have lost their earthly father, and for our family who has lost a marvelous comrade. Until that Day when He dries every tear…we mourn with the Loux family.

The IHOP Leadership Team

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