Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy latest 2009 dead celebrity

While we monitor the tragic habits of talented and troubled actress Lindsay Lohan comes word that talented and troubled actress Brittany Murphy is dead at 32. Recently fired from her latest film, lampooned on Saturday Night Live, and widely rumoured to have had a drug problem, the movie star known for trying a little too hard to be sexy reportedly went into full cardiac arrest at her home this morning and was dead before she reached the hospital.

Warnings don't matter in Hollywood. And the Celebrity Reaper is taking no holiday as we head toward the end of Celebrity Death Year 2009.


Anonymous said...

what a nasty article...a young woman has passed away and you report it like she deserved it, she is not reported to have a drug problem, someone asked her if she had once as she is so thin and she responded to the press, ADAMNANT that she had never even tried it! sickening people employed at "tabloid baby". I am truly discusted! please research your articles before lowering the tone of the internet with insensitive fluff!

Psoriatic said...

I am so saddened by this news.. Brittany seemed so sweet besides how she gave herself over completely to whatever role she took on

Ivan - Segunda Mano said...

A real shame, and if I may, a bitch. Yesterday I saw her last film, Abandoned, released posthumously, and honestly, it looks ominous. Perhaps it was the makeup, but was not seen, her healthy face he always had..
One of the last sentence that says, before going up a sign "In Memoriam" was: "I will live day by day."
It seems that in the end, could not be.

rosalia said...

One hurts, she was a good actress with many projection and even he still had great for appearing.