Monday, December 14, 2009

Garth Brooks is the anti-Danny Gans

Danny Gans did a Garth Brooks impression as part of his act. Over the weekend, Garth Brooks put the Danny Gans era, which ended only seven and half months ago, deeper into Las Vegas history when he took over Gans' theatre at the Wynn Las Vegas with little more than a guitar and a willingness to take requests of other people's songs (he didn't even spring for a cowboy hat) and ushered in a new phase of the stripped-down, intimate hour with a superstar that takes little effort from the performer but leaves the audience feeling they've shared something very special.

Critics, including Richard Abowitz at Gold Plated Door ("something truly special... the sort of special entertainment that allows Vegas to sometimes live up to the billing of Entertainment Capitol of the World...") and Mike Weatherford of the Las Vegas Review-Journal ("audacious and revealingly pure") have hailed the show that opened this weekend as an anti-Vegas, anti-spectacle antidote to the entertainment offered by hardworking, crowd-pleasing performers like Gans who went out of their way to put on a show to remember.

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