Saturday, December 05, 2009

Marc Christian was exposed to AIDS by Rock Hudson, but killed by Frank Sinatra

After months of rumours and unverified reports, Elaine Woo of the LA Times has confirmed the death of Marc Christian, who gained tabloid fame as the lover of Hollywood icon and AIDS victim Rock Hudson. Christian was Hudson's boytoy at the end of his closeted life, and after Hudson died of AIDS in 1985, sued Hudson's estate, claiming that the star put him at risk of contracting the disease by concealing his illness and continuing to have sex with him. He got five and a half million dollars for his trouble.

Christian later defended Hudson's irresponsible behaviour (Hudson had claimed he was losing weight through dieting, later anorexia) and eventually tested negative for AIDS.

The word now is that Christian died in June at 56, and that he was killed by Frank Sinatra:

The Times quotes his sister, Susan Dahl:

"Christian's death was the result of his heavy smoking, which began in 1998, 'the day he found out Frank Sinatra died,' Dahl said. 'He loved Frank Sinatra.'"

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