Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Exclusive! Email attack nude NOT Tiger's wife!

We warned you last week about the email attack campaign against Tiger Woods, circulating nude photos of a woman said to be his wife, Elin. We warned the photos were not authenticated and asked your help in getting to the "bottom" of this mystery.

We gave you this clue in hopes of identifying the beauty:

The tattoo clue paid off.

This is the back of model Kimberly Hiott:

Kim Hiott has appeared in Playboy Special Editions and is the woman in the emails that target Tiger Woods and his lovely wife Erin.

Apparently this case of mistaken identity has become a bonafide urban legend that's circulated since Tiger and Elin's wedding in December, 2003.

Kim is on the left. Elin on the right.

(A tip of the Tabloid Baby hat to the reader who alerted us.)

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Anonymous said...

Thought you wanted a hole in one on the Golf course;
not with intercourse.