Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lindsay Lohan watch: Merry Christmas, you're alive

Whose idea was it to spread around these photos now? Days after the death of troubled and talented actress Brittany Murphy, troubled and talented actress Lindsay Lohan, who has seen her fortunes fall and her career dip to photo shoots bordering on soft-core pornography, works up some holiday cheer, surely realizing she narrowly avoided the sweep of the 2009 Celebrity Reaper's scythe, with a photo shoot on a beach in Santa Barbara.


Anonymous said...

This girl is a skank, drug addict, alcoholic, slut, whore, pig, uneducated, tacky, classless nothing of a human being.

It should have been her instead of Brittany Murphy. No one cares about this irrelevant loser anymore. She's DONE.

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