Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Heroin, sex and Springsteen tour secrets

While Bruce Springsteen received The Kennedy Center Honor from President Barack Obama this week, other news causes us to wonder what secrets lurk behind the family man, All-American rock 'n' roll hero persona he and his determined imagemakers project. The tragic death of his cousin and (ten-year) assistant tour manager while on the road with Springsteen and The E Street Band in October has now been ruled an "accident," due to "acute amphetamine and heroin intoxication." The New York Times, in reviewing E Street band saxman Clarence Clemons' new memoirs last week, noted the book contains tales of "women... and tequila and cigars and recreational drugs and limousines and private jets aplenty."

Stories about Springsteen's alleged affair with a 9/11 widow flashed briefly before being extinguished suddenly a few years ago. We might suspect that Springsteen's world is a lot more interesting and not half as wholesome as his image might convey.

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