Monday, December 28, 2009

TMZ admits JFK photo was a fake

We told you they were full of shit. From the tab lines to the sloppy photoshopping of a head that looked somewhat like John Fitzgerald Kennedy's, it was obvious that the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com was perpetrating an attention-grabbing fraud with a phony shot purporting to show JFK on a yacht filled with naked women.

Now TMZ admits the deception. Playboy magazine ran the original photo in 1967. For you TMZ nitwits who don't know history, that's after JFK was assassinated.

And you lazy journos take them seriously as a source.


Pedro said...

You were right about the tanlines, but not the Photoshopped head - it's a real dude.

Tarah Benner said...

Yeah this is totally fake. Read this: