Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Vigilantes bring race hate to Palisades parade

Patti Page was grand marshal, Love Boat captain Gavin MacLeod was honorary mayor, and actual Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa pressed the flesh and waved to the crowds, but it was The Minutemen vigilante group who turned the Pacific Palisades Fourth of July Parade into a culture clash.

The goofy, ragtag, anti-immigration border "watchdogs" somehow wangled a spot into the usually noncontroversial parade, causing jeers, catcalls and arguments along the route up Sunset Boulevard and into a posh neighborhood-- while several of its skinhead members intimidated neighbors by videotaping those who voiced opposition.

The Minutemen and women, in three-cornered hats, waving American flags and frankly, appearing for the most part to be a clarinet or two short of a marching band, were trailed by masked protesters who banged drums and chanted, “SOS, KKK, racist Minutemen, go away,” and a heavy police detail. They were met by an assortment of cheers and boos from Palisadians, while many had no idea who they were or why they were marching.

Meanwhile, a beefy half of the John & Ken hate radio team (above-- we think it was Ken), who've supported the Minutemen and other right wing extreme groups while doing their best to stir up hatred in their anti-immigrant and racist radio tirades, was also featured in the parade. He demonstrated his radio wimpiness by keeping his distance from the uproar he helped create, riding far ahead of the Minuteman contingent, safely in a car surrounded by children, doing his best (and failing, above) to ignore boos and catcalls along the parade route.

L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (right) at the Pacific Palisades July Fourth parade.


Anonymous said...

That's odd. The Minutemen tell a different tale:


Of course, it's also a bit odd that people who didn't know who they are would be boo-ing them. Perhaps they're just intolerant? Or, perhaps they did know who they are, and were worried that they might have to pay more for Americans to clean their toilets?

Speaking of which, the reader should do some research to find out whether this site is slanting things just a bit. Consider this a reference point:


L.A. Observed said...

Minutemen heckled at Fourth of July parade

Tabloid Baby blogs that the anti-Latino group wasn't too popular in Pacific Palisades—and neither was a member of KFI's "John and Ken."

Anonymous said...

That was "John" from the John & Ken Show, not Ken.

S.M. said...

Just to clarify, the Minutemen are not an anti-Latino group. They are an anti illegal immigration group. Huge difference. By supposing that all illegal immigrants are Latino, you yourself are being racist in your thinking.

I'm a proud American of Nicaraguan origin, and I support the Minutemen in their cause. They're not doing anything the US government shouldn't already.

Border Sentry said...

So "Tabloid Baby" incorrectly identifies the talk show host who appeared in the parade and is asking to be believed about other hogwash he or she is spewing in defense of a bunch of border- hopping criminals? Hilarious!!!

Jim said...

Wow... you're clueless. And like most clueless people who parrot what they read and hear, you love to hear yourself speak, but damn the facts.

First... John and Ken are not hate radio... They're smart radio. But you wouldn't get that.

Second... the guy at the parade was John, not Ken.

Third... The minute men are not anti-immigration. They're anti-illegal immigration.

Fourth... That big outcrying of jeers at the parade was ONE FREAKING GUY.

Learn the difference between anti-immigration and anti-illegal-immigration and the rest will all fall into place.

Jeez... I hate morons.

Anonymous said...

Read the post.

Tabloid Baby never identified the rider in the car.

So find another argument.

Can you tell the difference between John and Ken?

If the answer is yes... get a life.

Anonymous said...

I don'y think you should criticise The Orange Order in such a way.

Anonymous said...

Wait...are those fat, aged anglos the ones supposedly defending our borders? Christ, we're in more trouble than I realized. Katie bar the doors!

And what the hell are they doing in the Pallisades? Shouldn't they be down in desert in a foxhole waiting for the brown vermin to try and enter our sacred land?

gaussia said...

I think the cowards at this parade were the ones hiding their faces under bandanas.

Some of the Minutemen that showed up may have been overweight and elderly, but they weren't hiding themselves.

Anonymous said...

So, when is the next 20' section of 1' tall chickenwire going to go up at the border? I love the fact that idiots contribute $$$ to the Minutemen. Besides, shouldn't they be guarding the Canadian border since we know that some Al Qaeda were caught up there less than a month ago and they also caught the "Millenium Bomber" up there?