Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Storm's back... and front... in new Rock Star pix

A few sexy photos on the Internet, even ones showing bodily fluids or a reasonable facsimile spattered across your face, never hurt anyone's rock 'n' roll cred-- if you're a female, that is-- and while Lance Bass keeps his intimate shots to himself, Rock Star: Supernova contestant Storm Large got a big boost from the obviously planned "controversy" over the seminude, kinky pix that CBS seemed to censor but actually placed in and around cyberspace so we could join in the fleshy treasure hunt.

After allowing Storm to urge fans to "google" her unclothed image, the show's writers last night put in a few words about "crashing hard drives" to keep the search alive.

And while the contestants -- and judges-- are getting more ludicrous by the week (former Guns N' Roses guitar slinger Gilby Clarke actually was offended when the short, older lady contestant grinded on him during "Brown Sugar"; we were more offended that she was screeching about slave ships and "black girls" during the lily-white-but-for-the-house-drummer-and-maybe-Brooke-Burke broadcast-- let alone the producers' sexist ploy of using a contestant's nudie past to drum up publicity), Storm was an unexpected highlight of the piss-poor, must-watch show.

So, to mark the event, we've got a few more Storm Large studies until the next batch is leaked.

Find the Storm Large photo collection in this book

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Anonymous said...

These pics were all there before the show ever started. Some of them for years . . . dumbass