Saturday, July 08, 2006

The coolest Hard Rock Cafe in North America

We’ve been on a few road trips these past few weeks, completing production on a monumental, world-class documentary film that will debut in the Fall.

And this being summer, we’ve visited a few ballparks.

Thanks to the legendary Al Fitzmorris, we were in the catbird seat for a warm evening outing by the inglorious Kansas City Royals, who let a healthy lead slip away to defeat to the Detroit Tigers.

Later, we stopped in at the lyric little bandbox of Fenway, took a photo of the Ted Williams statue on which his head is still firmly attached to his body, got some good seats and went inside. We sat behind home plate, where everything seems in curiously sharp focus, like the inside of an old-fashioned peeping-type Easter egg, and of course could not cheer because we were born in the Bronx.

A week later, we had to step across the United States border, north to Toronto, for the baseball surprise of the summer.

It was a late plate at the nearest Hard Rock Café, which we did not know is a part of Skydome Stadium, home to the Toronto Blue Jays. We stepped into the restaurant to see a long wall of windows looking out onto the interior of the Skydome-- baseball field, where the Blue Joys were also trouncing the poor Senators, er Nationals.

The Hard Rock Toronto Skydome Cafe is a skybox to the retractable-roofed Skydome Stadium. The hostess said we were the first customers who looked genuinely gobsmacked when we walked into the room.

A Thursday night at a Hard Rock in Toronto. We watched the final four innings of a major league baseball game. In a country outside the United States, to boot.

It was even better than the beer.

(Big game, Small World: Tabloid Baby pal Gene Simmons at the entrance to the Hard Rock Toronto Skydome Cafe, on the cover of Spin magazine-- an early writing home for Tabloid Baby's author--touting an article written by Tabloid Baby pal RJ Smith.)

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