Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pat O'Brien's Betsy has a blog

You remember Pat O’Brien, the sportscaster turned Hollywood host, and his most memorable soliloquy, the one he left on a woman’s voicemail while trying to arrange a three-way for himself and his girlfriend Betsy:

I wanna f---ing go crazy with you... You are so f---ing hot, and I wanna eat you, and I want you to suck my c---, and I want to f--- you. ... Let's do it, you are so f---ing hot, leave me a voicemail. I'm going to the bathroom, leave me a voicemail... I told Betsy that you were into her... I want to lick your p----and make you cum so much... I want you badly, I know you want me... I am so f---ing into you.

You have to pay attention to Betsy, but let's have fun. I wanna f---in' eat you and f--- you and suck your t--s and watch you eat Betsy and lick you’re a--. I'm so f---ing into you, it's incredible. Uhm, check this message, and then just say to me, "Yes." ... I wanna f---in' suck your pussy, talk dirty to you, watch you and Betsy eat each other, suck my c---, b--- off on your face. Get another woman up, hire a hooker. Let's get crazy, get some coke.

O’Brien made television history when he put the scandal behind by slipping into posh “rehab," getting out in time for Sweeps and submitting to a humiliating, embarrassing, emasculating, prime time hour with Dr. Phil that turned out to be one of the best television hours we've been privileged to witness.

O’Brien is still out there with that slimy show, The Insider. And his galpal Betsy has a blog.

“B… Scene” at bforbetsy.blogspot.com is a lifestyles of the privileged travelogue that records Pat & Betsy's adventures and the people they meet as they jet around the world for his TV gigs or other pursuits. It may actually be written by Betsy, or assembled by the couple's public relations team (because she's apparently also using O'Brien's sports connections to sell stuff). In either case, it just might suggest that Pat is up to his old hot, crazy tricks. But you have to read between the lines. A little:

July 17, 2006: The Basilica Vaticana

POB, Bobby, Michaela and I headed to St. Peter's Cathedral at the Vatican with our guide, Gian Carlo. Lots to learn... Pat & I did a shadow kiss on the bronze door…

Sunday July 16, 2006: Roma, baby

POB spares NO expense or lack of adventure when we're on the road...something that makes travelling such an amazing experience! On Thursday, we were fortunate enough to be invited to... the Papal Mass... being about 150 ft. from the Pope, was completely surreal!

Sunday June 25, 2006: Pimp my ride…

POB & I hit the Elks Lodge today in Pasadena to check out some fat-mack-daddy hot rods! Sweet!

June 11, 2006

Yoo hoo out there! Greetings from the sticks!

May 28, 2006: More from the Snake Pit Ball!

Me and Carmelo Anthony

May 27, 2006: Indianapolis is the nicest city!

With the nicest people! We love it here! Hot & humid, but oh-so-exciting!

Good morning from Indianapolis!

Pat and I took the lovely red-eye from LAX Thursday... checked into the hotel and took a quick nap... The Indy fans are one-of-a-kind! This place is NUTS!! Very cool! Last night, we were invited to a nice dinner with Indy board member, Scott Blumenthal and his great wife, Belinda, at the Canterbury Hotel. Old-School! Back to our hotel... and then bed!

May 21, 2006: The Mile High Club...
Sally, Sus, Scotti, Virg, Hilary, Georgina and me, Bets

We could keep going on (because Betsy does), but you get the idea. Check it out yourself. Meanwhile, we'll wait for Betsy to put up some real hot, crazy video.

But... Gene Simmons?


peter said...

the entire pat o'brien voicemail(s) can be heard here: http://www.scribemedia.org/2006/11/08/pat-obrien/

Michael Garrigue said...

I don't see how this jerk off O'Brien is still employed. This no talent has been should no longer be on the air or on the tube. Nobody listens to this drug impaired sexual predator. I've listened to all the sex and drug induced voicemails on the Internet and he's a disgrace to humanity. I bet his son is really proud of his piece of shit father.