Wednesday, July 05, 2006

John & Ken: "Tabloid Baby's a moron!"

John & Ken, KFI Radio's hate talk tag team, waited til the final minutes of this afternoon's show to attack our report on their beefier half’s reception in the Pacific Palisades July Fourth parade—the small town celebration that turned into a Skokie march, thanks to the forced inclusion of their racist followers, "The Minutemen" Mexican border watchdogs.

Taking time from denying global warming and picking on the powerless, J&K began the bit by stating that “anyone can post on the Internet.” (That would be us-- for credentials, see Tabloid Baby)

Then they clarified matters by saying it was John, not Ken, who was riding in the car marked “John & Ken Radio Show” (the sign on the old-fangled car carrying the man and some children didn't state which one it held). "John" denied knowing his followers the Minutemen were marching toward the rear of the parade, and claimed he was booed by merely one paradegoer.

But they did read our complete July 4th posting on the air! And in the process, the radio clowns once again kept a safe distance from the vigilante hate groups they promote.

We typed as fast as we could while the two dunces tapdanced through their Eddie Haskell “It wasn’t us” routine, so the following quotes are approximate but accurate:

John & Ken were very offended by our description of “John” as “the beefy member “ of the radio team.

“There’s nothing beefy about John. “

“It means large or fat.”

“It’s also seen as sexy.”

They threw in a homophobic reference by playing the tired “I wish I knew how to quit you” audio clip from Brokeback Mountain.

(Beefy? We swear to God, we were talking about his head. Look at the picture.)

Then it got interesting.

John denied he was heckled or razzed along the parade route—except by “one guy who was booing."

“How can he tell from these pictures?”

“First of all, I don’t know who Tabloid Baby is!”

“What he has there is inaccurate!"

“There were lots of cheers. That’s why I do the parade.”

“But it’s the West Side,” said Ken.

“No,” John said. “The Palisades is different… It was just one guy started booing at me and everyone else who saw me, who recognized our show because we had a sign on the car, cheered and waved.”

Then beefy John showed his true chickenhawk feathers by hemming and hawing and denying he knew the Minutemen were going to march (this, despite the show's connections to the group and the heavy local TV news presence at the parade).

“When I got there, somebody told me the Minutemen were at the back of the parade. I didn’t know. I didn’t care.”

One said of Tabloid Baby: “He’s an idiot!”

Said the other (or maybe the same one): “Tabloid Baby is a moron!”

Shame on you, John and Ken, beefy and skinny, Laurel & Hardy, for not standing up for your fans and the hate you preach and inspire.

Then again, you did read our item on the air.

And you got the name right.

And by backing away from your support of the Minutemen, you showed yourselves to be frauds—shock jocks who do hate radio and deny global warming because it's an act to get ratings.

As Nelson Muntz would say: ”Ha ha!”


L.A. Observed said...

Badge of honor?

Blogger Tabloid Baby was denounced on the air by KFI's "John and Ken."

Anonymous said...

Since John and Ken seem to be pretty big fans of this site...maybe they can tell us when they are going to go after the big bad employers of illegal immigrants the same way they go after everybody who is smaller than John and Ken.

When are they going to agressively put out the names of people who hire illegal immigrants and do radio shows in front of their places of business and hound them into submission twenty four seven -the same way they do to every polician who happens to disagree with the gospel of John and Ken?

With all of their losing sleep over illegal immigrants - when are they going to grow some balls and really hammer the big businessmen who invite illegal immigrants here to work?

When are John and Ken going to do their show in the front yards of people in the Palisades who hire illegal immigrants every day to do their gardening, babysit their kids and wash their dishes?


The answer is never. Because John and Ken are not about hate radio - they are about cowardly radio.

They will not take on big money, or embarrass the wealthy people in the Palisades who are bigger than John and Ken because they do not want to lose their jobs.

Besides, they are having too much success demonizing poor people who's only fault is they won't go back to Mexico every night after cleaning up all our shit.

At least in South Africa the help had enough decency to get back to Soweto by nightfall. Right, John and Ken?

Congratulations to Tabloid Baby for taking note where everyone else in this town has failed miserably.

Adam said...

Like Wilde said, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

For anyone who hasn't read David Foster Wallace's excellent essay about talk radio, "Host," you should. It's mostly about John Ziegler, but John and Ken make an appearance. And, like the Tabloid Baby says, it's all for ratings. John Kolbyt says as much in the essay.

gaussia said...

John and Ken are great. They seem to have been right about the "moron" thing as well!

Anonymous said...

The Minutemen are great and so are John and Ken. At least some people are still rational. Unlike the bleeding heart liberals that want to turn our state and country into a socialist state.

timmo said...

I'm not sure about the rest of you but I am fed up with the hateful diatribe of John and Ken. The last straw was when John help eliminate one of the best talk show hosts KFI ever had, I am referring to Johnm Ziegler. He was fired from KFI last november and posted a web site named www.therealkfi.com. On this web site you will learn the truth about John and Ken and Bill Handel. John and Ken always bash homosexuals yet Ken is a homosexual. Ziegler also posted sound clips on this web site that depicted the real Bill Handel and John and Ken. Ziegler explains how John is a flaming racist, etc. One of the sound clips of Bill Handel is hard to belive. Listen for yourself on this web site.
I have not listed to this program of hate any longer so I now listen to KABC.

Anonymous said...

John and Ken is the greatest radio show in LA
They say it as it is, they rock

mega said...

Years ago I used to listen to them, but now it's the same thing over & over & over - bash the Mexicans & blacks. It gets old. They live in their perfect little bubble and use their ignorance as an excuse to NOT want to learn or know about anything other than their white "culture" whatever that means. I can't wait till their off the air. (Bill Handel is great though!)