Monday, July 03, 2006

Their First Time: TV Land celebrates smutty theft

The folks at TV Land have responded to our reports that they ripped off the name of a recent, acclaimed erotic Showtime docudrama series for one of their nostalgia shows.

They added us to their mailing list.

And if there's any doubt they had smutty double entendre in mind when they changed the name of their sitcom nostalgia series, My Big Break, to My First Time, they "rubbed it out" in the way they promoted Thursday's debut:

Henry Winkler's
first time was at
a dinner party.

Katey Sagal's
first time
was at the office...
with cameras running!

It's true, and we've got the video to prove it!

The TV Land flaks have had fun playing up the "racy" name of their new show, with one telling the New York Post's Page Six that that the name-theft was deliberate: "This is virgin territory for us. TV Land thought long and hard about this title."

Talk about a boner! The strategy is bound to backfire soon.

In television, "My First Time" is widely known as a sexually-themed series on Showtime, featuring many of the top adult video stars in the business, in their first legitimate acting roles (as well as doing what they're known for). It's set to arrive on DVD while the TV Land series is still on the air.

Stay tuned.

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