Thursday, July 20, 2006

Rock Star's Storm Large censored by CBS

Call it a case of "Sex & Jugs & Rock & Roll." With Rock Star: Supernova, it looks like CBS is keeping at least one contestant's "body" of work... under wraps.

Supernova is our must-watch show of the summer. It's a hoot watching clueless pop wannabes sing REM and Bjork tunes in hopes of fronting a band of oldsters including schkeevey Tommy Lee and Gilby Clarke, who's been resurrected as a character from Deadwood.

The potential winners are already easy to pick (a crazy-looking woman with spikes jutting from her jaw and a round-headed kid who's a cross between Edward Scissorhands and Pete Doherty). The rest are Young Republican types who'd fit back in at the insurance office as soon as they wiped off the mascara and removed the earring, and though Courtney Love is picking up much-needed cash by allowing the massacre of her dead husband's Nirvana catalogue, it's definitely a TiVo show, so painfully boring numbers can be fast-forwarded.

Then there's the gal who calls herself Storm Large.

She performs like a Broadway diva who spent too much time locked in a room with Toni Basil videos, and seems to be "acting" the part. But she's a looker just the same, as Lee pointed out when he said he wanted to see "more" of her.

Her response: "G-o-o-g-l-e."

Funny that CBS would allow that line on the air when they've censored her website!

We got around to googling Storm Large and were surpised to find she has a band named The Balls (with videos available on YouTube). And unless the whole web history is a promo scam, she seems to have a reputation, not around 44th Street or Santa Monica Blvd., but in and around Portland, Oregon (home of The Hudson Brothers).

And she's a lot dirtier than CBS lets on. In fact, she may have something to hide, and CBS knows it, as the cock-blocked website for Storm and The Balls confirms:

The Powers That Be in Hollywood asked us to take down some of our other pages for a while.

I know...we're as bummed as you are, but we cooperated.

We found these pix on her Myspace site (which plays a pleasant Balls song: ABBA's "Take A Chance On Me" over the riff from In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida). There are bound to be more, most likely doled out by CBS flaks to generate controversy for the show.

In the meantime, CBS didn't shut contestant Dilana's site. We'll be Googling the other Supernovettes as we await word of Storm's Playboy spread.



spycygrl said...

It ain't no promo. And it also ain't no secret. Storm's been around for AGES -- both in Portland AND San Francisco before that. She's had a few different band incarnations and The Balls performed a weekly set at Dante's in Portland for a while. The band has also played in LA at Molly Malones several times in the past few years.

Storm has never hidden her nature or her boobies. She has had a MySpace profile for at least a year and a huge cult of fans PRIOR to Rockstar.

I'm a little shocked at CBS, honestly. I mean the show features Tommy Lee. He of the infamous sex tap, wifebeating and being in one of the most famous dirty rock sexcapade bands of the 80s. Maybe they're just worried Storm has bigger Balls than he does.

Fleshbot said...

It's been awhile since we've had a good reality show controversy. Tabloid Baby looks into CBS's censorship of "Rock Star" contestant Storm Large and her band, The Balls. With a name like that, why is she wasting her time with Supernova?

Anonymous said...

did you see the latest video at http://www.stormlargefans.com ? Pretty cool!! - Matt

Anonymous said...

she tries too hard to be hard,and as far as her boobs are concerned there obviously fake...no rockstar chicks have fake boobs...not Pat Benatar,Joan Jett, or Chrissy Hines not to mention Courtney Love.
Leave the fake boobs in Rock n' Roll to the groupies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, yeah thats a very hot and spicy site. I made your line clickable cheers!