Friday, July 21, 2006

Balls! CBS Rock Star censors miss the big picture

The CBS censors are hard at work covering up a Rock Star Supernova's Balls, but they should start by wiping her face.

We revealed yesterday that CBS has censored the very sexy website of a Rock Star contestant named Storm Large.

The homepage for Portland's "Storm Large & The Balls" let us know that the secrets within are off-limits while the show is on the air:

The Powers That Be in Hollywood asked us to take down some of our other pages for a while.

I know... we're as bummed as you are, but we cooperated.

In wake of the publicity over our scoop, the message on the site has been changed:

Some of the links on this site are inactive during Storm's appearance on Rockstar, per rules of The Powers That Be in Hollywood.

I know... we're as bummed as you are, but we cooperated...

So now it's the rules.

Rules against what?

Considering that the merchandise (selling CDs like "Hanging with the Balls" and "Vascectomy") and discussion links are still working, and her videos are readily available on YouTube, we'll guess it has something to do with the now-blocked photo gallery.

And judging from the very suggestive shot that remains on the partially-covered up on the homepage, we'd say they could use a box of Kleenex (and she's not even the contestant who sang Nirvana's "Come As You Are").

Other wannabes' sites have not been touched.

I guess we'll have to wait till Storm's booted off the show before we can dig into the secret treasures.

Censored homepage, before & after

And what the hell is splashed across her face???


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Anonymous said...

It took balls to show her boobs - flapjacks that they are.

Anonymous said...

Dude i'd tap that. she is the hottest one on Rockstar. Those titties give a good image for her, i see no need to hide it any longer.