Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Never mind Storm & The Balls! Here's Brooke!

One of our Tabloid Baby staffers just earned a corner office by pointing out the real Rock Star: Supernova pin-up bonanza!

All this time that CBS has been using us to promote their "talent" search series-- teasing us with clues to finding semi-naked shots of a contestant named Storm Large posted on the Internet-- the web has been heaving with years of nude modelwork by the show's very host, Brooke Burke!

Forget Julie Chen-- just add Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro and you've got the new Tiffany network on one couch!

So in light of the possibility that we've been duped into helping hype the show on the tattooed back of that six-footer with a band called The Balls, we figured Brooke should take one for the team as well.

You already know where to find video of Tommy Lee and his ex.

(And yes, there are shots that we won't show on this mostly safe-for-the-office website. We found a bunch of Brooke here).

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