Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel's Mystery: Can't get enough of that Sugar Tit

The search for the source of Mel Gibson’s use of the term “Sugar Tits” amid alleged anti-Semitic ravings after a drunk driving bust has spread around the world.

Sugar Tits? Where the heck did he get that from?

Well, as we're finding, the term's been out there, long before Mel used it in reference to a female deputy.

Our Man Elli in Israel, who thinks we went to on easy on Mel by pointing out the hallucinogenic qualities of tequila, writes from the war front in Haifa:

On “Sugar Tits”—I also stopped at that one. I remember distinctly that there was a bit-part hooker in some movie in the late 60s/early 70s who was called Sugar Tit. I think in some western, like Butch Cassidy or McCabe and Mrs. Miller. It was a well-known movie because I've seen it a number of times and l always smiled at the reference…

Then we’ve found there’s actually a town called Sugar Tit, South Carolina. It’s been in the news in annexation fight: “The Town Council approved the first of two readings of an annexation ordinance late Thursday, potentially protecting the nearby Abner Creek and Sugar Tit communities from being consumed by development, but also potentially opening the town up to a legal challenge..”

And we found this photo and caption on flckr:

You can barely tell by the sign, but Laura and Charlie are grabbing themselves by a sign entitled "Welcome to Sugar Tit, South Carolina." There's also the Sugar Tit race track, a small race track for go-carts. You can only guess how embarrassing it was to ask for directions at the gas station.

Any clues on Sugar Tits? Send them here.


Anonymous said...

There was a time in Hollywood's Golden Age when actors know how to travel drunk on Pacific Coast Highway.


"Lee Marvin... Lee was very drunk. I said, 'Let me drive' but no, he wouldn't give me the keys. We struggled for the keys and eventually I got them from him and I got in. Now he had to find some face-saving device so as not to give way to me, so he climbed onto the roof.

I thought, well, I'll drive slowly down to the pier, maybe the air would sober him up. I got down to the pier and I stopped. I said 'Come on, Lee. Get in the car' and he said 'Grrr, fuck off'.

There was nothing much about [in the way of] traffic, so I drove very slowly down Pacific Coast Highway towards where he lived. Suddenly there was a siren. The police pulled me over.

The cop came over and he loosened his holster. He looked at me and he looked up at the roof and he said, 'Do you know you've got Lee Marvin on your roof... ?

Anonymous said...

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