Monday, May 01, 2006

John & Ken: Dangerous douchebags

LOS ANGELES (TB) We don’t sign petitions. We don’t jump on bandwagons. Let’s start a petition and start the bandwagon rolling to remove those racist buffoons “John & Ken” from Los Angeles radio.

The afternoon drive team on KFI 640 AM are dangerously out of touch. They’re dangerous. They actively spread hate toward the majority of our Los Angeles-area neighbors.

And they suck!

Back in November, we referred to them as "a couple of assholes, boobs who like to pick on poor people: Chardonnay racists, cappuccino bigots, cynical blue collar blockheads who cater to the misplaced anger of middle-class male commuters in Mercedes, while kissing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ass because he’s in power."

Not bad. And though profanity appeared in the book, Tabloid Baby, we can only be provoked to use it in this public forum. However, "John & Ken," radio performers on reactionary KFI radio, continue to stir hate, and deserve the most basic description.

Their performance this evening, amid immigrant demonstrations in their city, took them over the top and down the drain. They've proven themselves to be shameful, hateful douchebags.

What's worse? They're phonies.

As we know by now, the demonstrations went off with almost nary a hitch. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants, undocumented immigrants, illegal aliens-- whatever you want to call them -- people who help raise our kids, wash our dishes, blow our leaves, pick our fruit, people who are a vital part of the reality economy of Southern California-- took to the street in an All-American rally to protest the prospect of being treated as felons. We raise our glass.

Like many Angelenos, we'd approached the day with caution, expecting traffic jams and riots in the streets on the drive to the office. We’ve lived through riots and traffic jams, quakes and thunder showers. In what turned out to be the best case scenario, we found the 10 freeway from the beach into Hollywood was a clean shot this morning, because many of our neighbors took the day off, in solidarity or because they were afraid of what they might confront in “town.”

Mornings, we live on car radio. This morning, Mexican immigrant and hero (and Cloud 9 star) Paul Rodriguez tried to get a word in edgewise with Adam Carolla. Mark & Brian played their weird pop quiz, two guys waiting for a train.

At 8:59, Paul Harvey covered the protests in his final “For what it’s worth” item: angry, making it clear that non-citizens did not deserve his lead story while citizens die in Iraq. He’s old. He’s Paul Harvey. He was drummed out of the Army on a Section 8. Something's happening here and we can't expect him to know what it is. We hit the Herb Alpert CD.

Yeah, the traffic was light. Because the rest of us altered our driving schedules and routes.

Heading home: AM radio. No excuse for scumbags “John & Ken,” who dedicated important airtime to ridiculing the protesters, Mexicans, Mexican culture, Mexican Americans, and our neighbors-- and encouraging KFI newspeople to do the same. Two rich white wimpy radio stars making fun of the families who took to the streets in defense of their livelihoods and worth, people who make John & Ken's upper class lives so comfortable (“John,” the straightman of the pair, once rode in our town’s July Fourth parade, so we know of his comfort and its support).

The “callers” they put on the air were despicable; especially the woman who identified herself as a school teacher, happy she could teach a class on a day the Spanish-speaking kids stayed home.

What’s most disgusting is that these two wimpy pot-bellied balding nerds don’t mean it.. They’re doing hate radio for ratings. Dividing the city and inflaming someone to possibly drive a pickup truck into a crowd of families for ratings Michael Savage is good radio because he’ s gloriously unhinged. Same with Janeane Garafalo. Phil Hendrie is a legitimate politically incorrect angry genius. These two guys are punks.

Proof? Tune in Fridays when Ken, or maybe John, reads his “movie review” of the week. He or someone who works for him writes a high-school-level movie review and he reads it like a kid trying not even to be Ebert but Roeper, all sincere and revealing his white middlebrow not-even-radical tastes and views. Mr. Big Hatemonger is simply a Hollywood wannabe nerd.

That about says it all.

Do we need this hate in Los Angeles today?

KFI AM 640
3400 W Olive Ave Ste 550
Burbank CA 91505
Business Office: (818) 559-2252


Cardinal Martini said...

I think they only get ratings cause their station has a powerful antenna.

Anonymous said...

John and Ken preach to their own choir of hate filled losers. But Bill Handel is a guy I normally have more respect for and was also laying it down pretty heavy yesterday with the ridicule.

It's bad enough listening to CNN racist Lou "Fatboy" Dobbs on the immigrant story. A very wealthy guy after spending the eighties cozying up to Wall Street criminals on "Moneyline" now beating up on impoverished immigrants and loving every minute of it. Looks like nothing gets a rating like hatred cowardice and smacking around the little guy. What a bunch of great and gallant Americans we have on the airwaves.

If this was "Bonanza" they would be the twisted little malcontants and fat, greasy hucksters always trying to screw up the Ponderosa before Hoss tossed 'em all into a mud bath in the pig pen. And we could all have a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

I support John and Ken because they are people who make sense. You are using useless vulgar. They actually make a point and arguement, you don't. You go rambling on and on about how they are 'racist'. They are telling the American people what they need to hear. That the Mexican incursion is destroying this nation. They are beating, raping, and slaghtering us by the thousands. THEY are the invaders. THEY want to kill us and take our lives away. Those two border patrol agents are being persecuted by Mexican drug smugglers and murderers and rapists. The Mexicans are the ones who are gang members. They murder. They are animalistic monsters ravaging America and burning our homes. They must die.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting how the fascists of today always try to shut down other peoples free speech using the "hate" arugument. It is funny to watch hispanics, who are some of the most openly bigoted people on the planet, scream about "hate" and "racism". It is amazing to watch people risk their lives to get to America then turn around and lecture us on how to govern. Think about that for a moment. South American countries are such filthy cesspools that people literally RISK THEIR LIVES to get here. People that can't even create a sewage system that can properly flush toilet paper are going to lecture us on how to live? People who live like filthy dogs in their own countries are going to lecture us? The funniest part is to watch people with such fake machismo cry and whine about "racism". Do you realize how pathetic and weak your victim rhetoric appears? Don't you realize what a bunch of whining peasants you sound like? It just shows that silly machismo is a thin veil for massive insecurity and a massive lack of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

John McCain and Obama will grant these people amnesty. Its sad to watch this beautiful country turned into a 3rd world crap hole like Mexico and south America. We don't need them to clean our toilets or pick our fruit. I wonder how other countries around the world get by without Mexicans. When the economy collapses these wetbacks will be running back to Mexico in a heartbeat . They have no pride in being or wanting to be an American. They are socialist,peasant, waste of flesh communists.

Anonymous said...

they are disgusting bigots. the interview they did with whitman was heinous! why dont you run ads for white kids, why are you running ads on spanish channels (because latinos watch tv too clearly illegals cannot vote.. duh). i hope she pulls all her advertising from the station, or better yet, buys the station and fires them!!

Diana said...

John and Ken are clearly dangerous spreading their ignorance on the airwaves. Their concepts and solutions provide no real relief to today's problem's.

Without the illegals, picking fruit would be impossible. No American Citizen is going to relocate from their cities to isolated valleys to pick fruit in the hot sun with no Medical, Benefits, 401K, or Dental for minimum wage.

They are racist because they are constantly referring to all illegals as Latino's. Not every single Latino is an illegal. They even hate babies, anchor babies that is. That just proves their racism, they hate AMERICAN BORN babies from illegal aliens, even though it's not the child's fault they were brought over.

The average John and Ken fan is ignorant, as you can clearly see by the previous comments.

They are raping America? Are you serious? Just like the 13 colonies raped the Native Americans. Such hypocrisy.

They should all die? Oh wow that sounds like a realistic and rational solution. NOT!

And the fascist comment was the one to take the cake. Do you realize how insecure, pathetic, and weak YOU appear by voicing your hate behind a computer screen? Clearly not.

It's amusing to see such ignorance and outdated concepts still going on today. These people must live in constant bitterness because everyone knows it's different times, with different people in power. Were not in Germany and this is not going to lead to the holocaust.

With President Obama and Governor Brown on board with Amnesty, you can continue to voice your hate all you want, but it won't get you anywhere. The reality is that we don't have the sufficient funds to deport every single illegal, it's simply too much money.

We need a comprehensive immigration reform because our immigration system is broken that's why so many people break in illegally. It's not to bankrupt America, only to survive and hope their children have a much better life than they did.

Once Amnesty passes, this means more money from tax payers, and more money from the fines. Please use your brain America, and tune out the ignorant John and Ken.

Anonymous said...

I used to listen to jon and ken until they started attacking teachers. I don't understand why they have a particular hatred toward teachers. They lie on the radio, saying that teachers have not been hit with the same economic stress as those in the private sector. However, statewide, there have been more than 30,000 layoffs of teachers in the last four years. In the district I work in, which only has seven schools total, there have been over 60 layoffs of teachers in the past 3 years. We have also experienced a 12% pay cut and no cost of living increase within the past four years. Jon and Ken harp on the fact that we are 'among' some of the most highly payed teachers in the country. Let's see...they claim to be intelligent individuals, however, they conveniently leave out the fact that the state of California is the most expensive state in the union to live in. Food and energy prices are the highest in the nation here in California. So...logically, we would be given wages that are above the average. I have been teaching for over 20 years and my salary is $56,000 a year here in California. If anyone feels this is extreme, you are seriously mistaken. Yes, I have health care and a pension. I did not get in to teaching because of the benefits. I teach because I love it. They also harp on the low test scores and drop out rate in our schools. Believe me...it is not because of the teachers. Educators have never been more educated then in the present day. Most of us have not only our credential, but also our master's degree and docorate. What has changed is society. The culture as a whole in California does not value education and discipline as in the past. Teachers are fighting a loosing battle, and on top of that, being blamed for the problems. Even Jon and Ken did a segment on the population of students in the California school system...60% Hispanic, and half of those who are non-English speakers. Jon and Ken constantly degrade and disrespect and profession that is vital to the success of this once great country. They have NO idea what we deal with on a daily basis. How do you come to the point where you think you are so far above everyone else that you can degrade another human being and their profession without having ANY idea what the job is all about. They are so full of themselves and they are passing on this poison. The economy sucks, and they have made teachers the scapegoat. Yes, public employee unions have asked for and been given way too much. Police and firefighters as well as county and city workers are at the top of the list as far as blame goes. I know there are bad teachers, however, I am not one of them, and neither are 95% of my collegues. I don't agree with 90% of the issues that the California Teachers Association supports, however, I have no choise. I'm done...sorry for any misspellings or grammatical errors..I am in a hurry, and quite frankly don't care if I made mistakes.

Don't criticise my profession when you have no idea what I do.