Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why do the Fox News gasbags fear the Palin story?

So now the Republican National Committee and its toadies at Fox News and other news organizations are trying to spin the headline from dangerous Sarah Palin's low-rent scandals to the so-called "liberal" media that's chasing them down.

What a crock. And what panicky little operatives these big media machers turn out to be. Sarah Palin, her fake pregnancy, and all the other petty crimes that the GOP powers didn't bother to find out about in advance is a great story, as nonpartisan and politically neutral as John Edwards' lovechild or Bill O'Reilly's phone sex.

It was funny, listening to Sean Hannity on the radio this afternoon, foaming at the mouth and shouting like one of those radio priests in the 1950s, running doubletime on his hamster wheel trying to spin away the Sarah scandals, forgiving Bristol her religious and sexual trespasses by bragging about his own "wild life" between the ages of 16 and when he found religion at 21. What a crock. Hannity was a nerd who discovered conservatism as radio schtik, who pals with the likes of Charlie Daniels and Phyllis Schlafly and has squandered his likability with demagoguery.

But once again, doofus extreme Bill O'Reilly, who's so perverted by his Catholic upbringing and paternal sadism that when he cheats on his wife with his subordinates he can only do it over the phone, takes the cake with his criticism of the Daily Kos, which did some nifty investigating of the Palin pregnancy story over the weekend:

"...Internet hate sites have made it easy for emotionally disturbed individuals to say just about anything they want to the entire world, and some of these nuts even get mainstream media exposure. The Daily Kos is the absolute worse, routinely printing defamation and hatred at a level never before seen in the United States.

"The latest from these guttersnipes is that Governor Palin did not give birth to a Down syndrome baby; her teenage daughter did. We can find no evidence to support that, and there are pictures of Mrs. Palin herself pregnant. But it doesn't matter to the Daily Kos?..."

Smarmy O'Reilly's got a lot of balls talking about hate sites. Kos was reinvigorating debate that raged through Alaska in April when Palin surprised everyone with the pregnancy announcement.

You know, the tabloid journalism that Rupert Murdoch nurtured in his career was among the best in history.

It's a shame that his legacy is being tarnished by these buffoons on his new front lines.

(All the photos above are real...)

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