Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sarah Palin's "lover" tries to have divorce sealed

Scott Richter, who's been named in some reports as the man accused of having an affair with the married Sarah Palin, has filed an emergency motion to have his divorce records sealed!

The McCain campaign threatened to sue the National Enquirer for reporting that Sarah got it on with her husband's former business partner. The religious right "family values" wing will probably give her a pass on this one, just like they gave her unwed daughter a pass on the teen pregnancy.

But imagine if this were the Obamas... or if Michell Obama had belonged to a political party that wanted to secede from the United States...


Anonymous said...

hahaha 4 years ago the liberals nominated John Edwards for Vice President, the guy who went on to cheat on his cancer ridden wife and then father her kid and then pay her off.

Anonymous said...

So funny how the Hollywood Left hates Palin but the rest of the country likes her (as shown by the poll numbers). Just like Reagan, it shows how out of touch the lefties are with mainstream America.

Anonymous said...

The "Hollywood left" hated Bush and Cheney, and the rest of America loved them. Now Bush and Cheney are discgraced for destroying the economy. regan left us with a huge National Debt. What does this say about the judgement of the"rest" of America.

WriteinClinton4Pres said...

These people are SNOW TRASH. Write in Hillary for President. It's our only hope.

Marian said...

Not only the Hollywood left thinks McCain has lost his marbles - most non US citizens do too! Republicans are dumbing down the American citizens. Wake up America!!!

Anonymous said...

BTW - have you heard - Canada is having an election. It was just called this week and is slated for sometime in the middle of October.

The people will mark an "X" with a pencil and the ballots will be counted. I'm sure that the winner will be known by midnight.


Anonymous said...

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