Sunday, September 28, 2008

Steve Dunleavy Tabloid Master Class Part 1

They're throwing Steve Dunleavy a retirement party in a saloon on West 46th Street Wednesday night. Time to cut through all the spinners-- the snarky gawkerstalkers, hoity-toit print libs and twenty five-dollar-haircuts-on-twenty-five-cent heads who read the network Teleprompters-- and understand why the man who wrote Elvis What Happened? is so beloved, so important and so influential.

Heck, most of you only know Paul Newman from the supermarket shelves.

So begins a master class in tabloid journalism from the master.

More lessons to follow.

Stay tuned here.

(From the Tabloid Baby-Frozen Pictures production: Steve Dunleavy: The Man and His Music).

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