Thursday, September 04, 2008

Unfit to lead

He's already displayed his recklessness, incompetence and cynicism in choosing the dangerously unqualified religious, social and political extremist and secessionist Sarah Palin and placing her in a more certain line to become president due to his advanced age, four bouts with cancer and one-in-five odds that a US President will die while in office.

So in light of John McCain's eagerness to play the POW card as he sells his own "narrative," when will the "mainstream" media hone in on the most disturbing aspect of this "maverick"'s past and the most compelling reason he's unfit to have control of the nation's nuclear does: those five-and-half years of nonstop indoctrination, torture and brainwashing inflicted upon him by his North Vietnamese captors that by his own account drive him to attempt suicide, and the psychological effects it has had on him, beyond the demonstrated anger and stress issues that have earned him the nickname "Insane McCain."


Anonymous said...

Typical post by a typically unpatriotic liberal showing total disrespect for John McCain's military service.

Posts like this show why you guys ALWAYS lose- you're a bunch of unpatriotic smart-asses with no respect for traditional values and military service.

Anonymous said...

for all of you stuck on calling Palin a secessionist. Obama and Biden both voted on a bill that would lead the way for Hawaii succession.

But I guess that doesn't matter to you right.

Anonymous said...