Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The New York Times picks up our exclusive Joan Rivers-AOL censorship story-- and copies our TMZ angle-- without giving us credit, of course

We reported exclusively on Monday that AOL had backed out of a deal to link to and promote Joan and Melissa Rivers' Emmy red carpet coverage on MyHollywood.com because the AOL suits found their zingers and comic commentary to be offensive.

And we had a good laugh, seeing that AOL sponsors, owns and hosts the subliterate swill-spewing celebutard space, the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com:

"...AOL is offended? AOL is an owner of the corporate porn-pushing gossip site, TMZ.com, that cesspool of celebutard sleaze that oozes out piles of lowbrow, poorly-written smut like these headlines from today..."

Well, today the New York Times got into the act. They finally covered the story-- a little late, but hey-- and took our angle, to boot:

"...But when AOL saw the video it rescinded the offer, telling MyHollywood it was too offensive - which is saying something considering that AOL has ties to the raunchy celebrity gossip site, TMZ.com..."

Did they give us credit, a plug or a link? Of course not. But then again, if those nudniks copying our coverage of the Israel Baseball League couldn't give a nod, what can we expect from the Old Gray Lady?

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