Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin and Hannity: What a joke

Sean Hannity sure does make us get kind of sick. He thinks Charlie Daniels and Phyllis Schlafly and John Leboutillier are good role models. He and the callers on his radio show keep calling each other "Great Americans." What the fuck makes him a "great American"? He was a radio jock who took up conservatism as a shtick and then rode it to success... he's no better than a TV preacher because he lies. He lies about Barack Obama and he lies about his life just like Howard Stern lied about his life when he was on the radio. And he yells so much on his radio show now that it's no fun listening.

Hannity's a GOP lapdog, which is why they let him sit with Sarah Palin for an interview that made not a blip on the national scene.

We'll leave it to comedy legend Chris Bearde, the satirist who's been coming out with The Daily McCain, to take on Hannity, who's full of it:

In her Fox interview with Sean Hannity... Palin came across as somebody who recently spent time with Christopher Nance renovating her trailer.

Sean Hannity had tough questions about the economy... unfortunately he didn't ask her any of them...but he did find out that she'd recently discovered lip gloss.

She's so shallow that standing up she looked like she was sitting down.

She didn't look like a deer because Fox turned off the headlights.

She didn't have trouble answering any tough questions because Rachael Maddow is on MSNBC.

Palin refused to talk about Bristol's baby daddy but did say the marriage would take place when everyone is locked and loaded.

Palin makes Hillary Clinton look like a woman!

Sean Hannity's questions were so soft only Viagra could have changed them.

Palin is so white she broke the tanning machine.


Anonymous said...

This site sucks now.

Anyone know where I can go to get info on baseball in Israel?

Anonymous said...

I love Sean Hannity, I watch him all the time.. I believe Fox news is fair and balanced..unlike the far left media. I thought Tabloid Baby was fair and balanced.. I guess not now..

Lawrence Mark said...

I get a kick out of the anonymous crowd! hahaha! They complain about being fair and balanced. They claim to be fans (in love no less!) of Sean Hannity, yet they will not cowboy up (man up - stand up - etc.) with at least some kind of identity. That is really fair and balanced, isn't it?
I believe that the Faux News is fair and balanced in the way they are oblique and cynical.
Tabloid Baby is VERY fair and balanced because my friend welcomes even the anonymous to leave a comment. The anonymous cannot stand with the truth, so they sneak in like rats and leave crap after they feast.
I think these two anonymous comments speak VERY loudly about the people they are "defending". They seem to be mortified by the truth. I would like to thank them for their comments! THANKS!
Lawrence Mark

dave simms said...

Why are the dems so upset with Palin?
If she was a dem and was pro abortion and was chosen as Osama's running mate, they would love her.
Is it because they are afraid of blowing an election when they were just about assured of victory if they had played their cards right?

Anonymous said...

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